Joan RiversJoan Alexandra Molinsky, publicly known as Joan Rivers, was a multi-talented American comedian who died in 2014., at 81 years of age.

She enjoyed a long career in show business, and she was married several times, although she only had one daughter, Melissa, who is also known by her plastic surgery procedures.

At the time of her death, the often controversial comedian, who liked to poke fun at herself, celebrities and famous politicians, was still at the height of her small screen career, as she took part in TV shows such as ‘The Apprentice and Fashion Police’.

Having enjoyed such a long life and career, and particularly taking her looks at the time of her death, it is hard to believe someone would ever deem any Joan Rivers plastic surgery speculation untrue or unreasonable, as the comedian had a very perfected and doll-like appearance to her face.

In fact, some even say she had an obsession with the surgeon’s knife, which may have led her to take her nips and tucks’ too far.

The truth is, unlike other celebrities, Joan actually admitted to her passion for perfecting her looks, having once commented that she wished she had a twin to see what she looked like without plastic surgeries.

Other comments from the star on the subject included that she was never without a bandage’s, the only way a man would touch her was plastic surgeries and it is great to look 50 – when you’re 60’.

But what exactly did Joan Rivers have done to her face and body?

Rivers would have told you she had undergone over 700 cosmetic procedures in her life, and though that isn’t quite possible, she did confirm a number of different surgeries took place.

Not only did she have a few face and neck lifts, but she had Botox applied as well, to an extent where she joked Betty White’s bowels move more than my face’ while vowing not to have any more.

Joan Rivers Before And After Plastic Surgery

Aside from that, she also admitted to several nose jobs or rhinoplasties, to be exact, as well as eye tuck, or eyelid surgery. She admitted liposuction and all of which helped transform her naturally beautiful face into one that, while still somewhat recognizable, looked severely and obviously altered at the hands of a plastic surgeon.

But while that is admittedly a very long list in itself – she said her body would be donated to Tupperware’s because she’d had that many surgeries – and the before and after photos clearly show extensive work had been done, it is unclear whether Joan Rivers had any other plastic surgery done.

Some might say Joan Rivers was addicted to plastic surgery, and they would probably be right, as would those who thought the comedienne could have taken the obsession a little too far.

However, her actual looks aside, Joan Rivers had a very refreshing attitude towards plastic surgery, which earned her a lot of respect among fans and her peers.

All in all, it is good to remember that, while the Joan Rivers plastic surgery story is an example of cosmetic enhancements gone too far, her way of approaching the subject with grace and humor is one which more celebrities should look up to.