Kim NovakMarilyn Pauline Novak also known as Kim Novak was born on February 13 in the year 1933 in Chicago. She, later on, joined the entertainment sector as an actress.

Nevertheless, today we feature her on a different issue altogether, the Kim Novak plastic surgery. At the age of 81, Kim is remembered for her past as a Hollywood sex symbol.

During the presentation of an Oscar 2014 award in the best-animated feature, her appearance generated many stories that seem not to end any soon.

There are those who have kept on teasing her for the appearance that she has taken on as others have come to her defense.

This came after the highly rated star had a long battle with cancer and mental illness because of the accident she was involved in during a horse-riding race.

There have been many speculations going around that her surgery resulted from the pressure that she faces to have her stay younger despite her age. Other people are being cruel simply because the actress is not herself anymore.

According to Suzannah Galland who is a career strategist many women are being forced to attain perfection by trying all they can to stay younger. She made the remarks with reference to Kim Novak.

The actress now has cheeks that are plumped up, the lips that appear more stretched and high brows.

On the side of Novak, she seems not comfortable with her new look especially from the way she appeared during the awards. Despite this, she tells of how wonderful life is on her part after she left Hollywood and how she feels better when she looks better, could this be true?

Immediately the actress was done with the presentation, she started getting messages from critics who felt that she was missing a point in life.

She had to come out openly via her Facebook account to comment on her appearance that attracted the interest of many during the award. She had to confirm that she had Botox injections on her face and that they are less invasive when she compares them to the facelift practice.

In reference to the comments made, she considers them as bullying.

Kim Novak Before And After Plastic Surgery

In comparison to her past, Kim appeared more rigid as she spoke slowly during the award.

She also tells of how she regrets taking medication that she thought would help her relax during the Oscars but it was not the case.

According to her, the reaction was different from that one she received in the previous year when she was honored at the Cannes Film Festival.

In the 1950s Kim was a true description of natural beauty as she had such nice looks that you couldn’t go without notice. The gentleman who was with her on stage really knows that Kim deserves to be respected and not joked about the way many are doing.

However, we also get disturbed as to why many people would want to take on looks that the people around are not used to seeing. There is no doubt that they will have something to say.