kris-jenner-plastic-surgery-controversyDo you ever wonder why at 60, Kris Jenner still looks so youthful and beautiful? You are just one of the millions of Hollywood fans who can’t stop wondering what the hell is going on. Kris Jenner is the matriarch of the Jenner family, which is why the world cannot miss even the slightest surgical enhancement on her looks.

With her aging effect, she has become a notorious plastic surgery enthusiast. I wasn’t there when Kris was a teen, nor when she was a young mother, but I can tell that there are so many unnatural features in her current looks. In an effort to conceal her aging effect and to better her beauty, Kris Jenner is believed to have followed the same footsteps of her fellow Hollywood celebrities who have used plastic surgery.

She looks stunning for somebody her age. Is Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery real?

Breast Implant

This young granny is not giving aging any chance. Not now, not ever. The war is on. Back in the ’80s, after she had given birth to her four children, she applied breast implant surgery in order to enlarge and puff up her breasts. Then, she had to repeat this procedure a few years ago to update the sexiness of her breasts.

The last time she went under the knife for breasts implant, she reduced the size of her boobs and got them lifted.

On her breast reduction surgery, Sexy Kris spoke freely about it, and we all love her for that, don’t we?

She said that her big breasts were hindering the comfortable and easy movement. The surgery gave her smaller but sexier breasts.


Botox Injection

One of the reasons why I love Kris Jenner is for her honesty. She has frankly revealed that she used Botox injection on her face and neck. Now she has smooth and tight facial skin.

When you look at her face you may think she is a decade younger. Before and after photos of her also reveals a slight disparity from her natural facial features. She used fillers to puff up her cheeks and to make them fuller and more gorgeous.

Looking at her forehead, you realize that there is not a single wrinkle on it. It is smoother than a baby’s butt.


Butt Implant

She hasn’t said much about her butt but it is for sure that she has let her plastic surgeon tamper with them.

Reputable plastic surgeons who have examined her butt in her before and after photos believe that she has gotten a butt implant, to say the least.

Her bosom has suddenly gotten bigger and larger than it used to be. She is making many of us salivate at her sexy ass.

Her behind now looks closely like that of the gossip queen, Kim Kardashian. Do you love her new butt the way I do?


Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery spree has been an ongoing thing that doesn’t seem to end any time soon.

Her battle with aging will definitely continue. Nonetheless, she looks fine and her beauty cannot be missed. Many women in Hollywood look up to her, and they admire every bit of her beauty.

Do you admire her plastic surgery outcome?

Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos