Lauren Graham was born on 16th March 1967. She has hit the headlines severally because of plastic surgery. Many people have been wondering whether what has happened to her looks.

There are gossips that Graham sought for surgical procedures to look more charming and younger than her age mates. Fortunately, her surgical operation went as her expected. Graham dreamed of becoming a powerful woman in the world in her tender age.

This propelled her to work hard in order to make this dream valid. Since her entry into the entertainment industry, Graham has achieved a lot. Despite criticisms from various groups, Graham is going places.

Today, we want to look at some of the Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery procedures that the celebrity has been attributed to since the rumors broke the internet a few years ago.


Have you ever looked at Graham’s face closely?

Have you noted any changes in the look of her face?

Her face looks puffy. A section of critics has associated the new look to a facelift.

A facelift is commonly applied by most of the American celebrities who want to retain their radiant and youthful looks.

Seemingly, Graham has opted to go the same directions. Looking at her photos before and after surgery, you will have enough reasons to doubt that she is natural.

Her face now looks lifeless and without signs of aging.


The change in the shape of Graham’s nose cannot be ignored. This surgical procedure is commonly referred to as a nose job. Most celebrities are not comfortable with the shape of their noses. This can be supported by the increased cases of actresses, actors, models, and producers among other celebrities seeking nose jobs.

Graham is also thought to have gone for rhinoplasty to attain the new shape of her nose. Before going for plastic surgery, her nose used to appear rounder and more bulbous.

Her pictures after surgery show that she has a sharper and pointed nose.

Apparently, Graham is happy about the new shape of her nose.

Botox Injections

Graham has done all she could to look younger than her actual age. Her looks have kept her in the entertainment industry for years.

The competition within the entertainment industry is among the reasons that are likely to have made to go for Botox injections. The injections left her face looking smoother than before. Despite denying that she has never gone for Botox Injections in her life, her looks speak differently.

The surgeon who undertook the surgical operation must be a professional because he or she did a perfect job.

Graham is lucky since many celebrities have ended up looking uglier than before because of plastic surgeries that went wrong.

In conclusion, plastic surgery has become part of the American entertainment industry. The number of celebrities accused of plastic surgery keeps increasing.

Each day we hear about celebrities going for nose jobs, breast implants, face fillers and lip fillers among other surgical procedures.

The pressure that comes with being a celebrity has pushed Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery to become one of the many celebrities going under the surgeon’s knife to correct flaws.

Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos