Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery ControversyWe live in a world where people judge others by their image, and great importance is paid to appearance. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why so many people, especially celebrities, are obsessed with plastic surgery.

Hollywood is a plastic surgery hotbed, with its celebrities leading the world in applying cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks and acquire flawless looks. It helps them maintain their superiority in the society. Some procedures often go wrong, while there are lots of successful plastic surgery cases that leave everyone admiring.

Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery is one of the good ones. Mindy is an actress, a comedian, and a writer. She starred in sitcom’s The Mindy Project. She is also well known for her other work on the sitcom, The Office.


Why is Miss Kaling so damn beautiful? We should all remember one thing; she didn’t always have that sexy body. If you can remember well, she used to be fat. But we are not the kind of people to dwell in the past, and all we know now is that she looks gorgeous.

Before and after photos of Mindy echoes the sentiments of the rest of the world who think the transformation of her looks is as a result of plastic surgery. She used to have a protruding tummy and a huge waistline. Now her body shape resembles that of a wasp. Her tummy is so reduced.

Plastic surgery specialists believe such changes are only possible with abdominoplasty.

However, her fans seem to love her new body more. Did Mindy Kaling have to do this? Was plastic surgery really necessary for her?

Mindy Kaling Before and After Surgery Procedure

Breast Reduction

Rumor has it that Mindy has gone for breast reduction surgery to make her breasts look better. With the reduction of the other parts of her body, it was necessary to reduce her boobs too.

When she used to be fat, Mindy had fat boobs that sagged on her chest like two elastic bags filled halfway with water and hanged on her chest. All that seems to have been correct too. In the most recent photos of this super-talented actress, she spots the sexiest boobs she has ever had.

Her new bra size excellently fits her new body size and shape. Her boobs are now perfectly raised and rounder in shape, making you want to grab them.

Why are you so sexy Mindy?


Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nose Job

Some people don’t realize how much the shape and size of a woman’s nose influences the overall beauty of her face. Mindy Kaling’s nose is one of the parts speculated to have been modified with plastic surgery.

To confirm these allegations, I had to examine her nose in her before and after photos. It seems these speculations could be true after all. Her nose appears narrower than it used to be. It also has a more defined tip, unlike in the past when the tip of her nose was round and wide.

A section of her fans has come out on social media to applause her for her beauty.

Mindy Kaling Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery is one of those that have produced admirable results. She looks stunning. Whenever I see her new pictures on the internet, I lose my sleep.

I guess that makes me a victim of her outstanding beauty. I wish she was mine.

Do you believe Mindy’s beauty is a result of plastic surgery?

Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos