Paige Vanzant is not your average town beauty, the kind you would mess with while in the jungle. The sensational and stunning blonde appears both threatening and appealing at the same time. That is confusing a whole generation of men and making them rethink their definition of beauty. She is a world class martial art expert and model at the same time. In addition, she is an accomplished and published author. She shot to celebrity fame for appearing in shows such as “Dancing with the stars” and “Chopped”. After that, she has remained a darling of the social media for long. However, and, in addition to this fame bringing fortunes to her, it has also exposed her to a series of rumors. Especially the famous Paige Vanzant Boob Job rumors mills. We take a look at the clues.

From Paige Vanzant Boob Job Rumor To A Fact

Paige Vanzant was not renowned to possess the examples of voluptuous cup size, though her entire body was finely tuned, and appealing. Fans had never been concerned with her chest size.  Majority of the fanbase seemed to be fantasizing about her fighting skills and adorable face. Nonetheless, Paige Vanzant did not feel that this affection with her skills and a well-curved body was enough.

She probably wanted more attention which would golden her feminine mystique. She hence all of a sudden appeared with some radically enhanced chest. That met her fans and followers unprepared with how to handle her evolution. Immediately, the social media was thrown into a spin with followers putting her book aside to inspect her after and before photos quickly to get a glimpse of this reality.

Speculations And The Results

The sudden storm of speculation seems to have frightened her. Never in her life, had people become so invasive and her IG seemed to be filling with new profile views every minute. What’s more? This also brought abusive fans as well, who loves such opportunities to lecture others on what the real definition of beauty is. Leading celebrities and personalities such as Ex UFC champ Michael Bisping also weighed in on the debate.

The UFC fighter without any doubt had procured a top of the market boob job. When TMZ reached to her to hear her mind on the issue and the sudden evolution of her cup size, she was like, and who cares? She went forward to divulge that she indeed had procured her breasts. She explained that since she was young she had always desired bigger breasts. When they seemed to be not forthcoming, she could not wait any longer. That is why she had to go for the knife job.

The Conclusion

The cup size is finely tuned, and she doesn’t seem too overloaded to walk around comfortably. This implies that Paige Vanzant boob job was an incredible and inspiring work which deserves a thumb up. Everybody deserves what they need, don’t they? Vanzant is a starlet who appears frequently in front of the camera, and hence she needs something to motivate her. It appears that her boops can do this now, meaning we should expect more reality and television shows as well as some good fights, provided UFC shall not ban her.