Why is everybody talking about Kate Upton? Kate Upton is a stunning beauty. She is currently a tabloid sensation for several reasons. The paramount reason is her exotic modeling body that catapulted her to fame when she shot in the dazzling Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in the year 2012. She probably has been in the social media more for other reasons as well. Do you think her relationship with baseball player Justin Verlander is one of these? Is it because of her hilarious statements about the sex dry spell during play days? Probably, these could be some of the reasons but not the interesting part of it. Kate Upton is now boiling in a whirlwind of speculation dubbed the infamous Kate Upton Plastic Surgery rumors. Quite strange, is it?

What Sparked Kate Upton Plastic Surgery Rumors?

It is not strange. The rumors were sparked off by her appearance at the World Series, where she was seen kissing and cheering her fiancé Justin. The incidents led to her photos trending in the social media circles, and often than not, they reached the real deal, when beauty hunters and specialist eyes, started seeing a number of radically enhanced or changed features in her face and body.

The Before and After

Kate has thinned out of late, and her cheeks are fuller, brimmed and saturated with ecstatic beauty. Looking at her after and before photos in the cover of seminal magazine sport illustrated swimsuit, for which she has debuted four times, in a rather case of achievement, there is a clear deal of difference in her chest as well. They appear larger, and her cup size has improved making her tenaciously attractive to behold and see. One can really get glued on that chest, can’t they? What about her lips, especially on one of the cover photos? They are extremely dazzling and inviting. They are not the same lips the world was treated to some years back.

Kate Upton has not mastered a new make- up secret. She is neither wearing some balloons to make her boobs appear larger and mouthwatering. Kate Upton is probably seeing some good surgeon in town. The radically enhanced features suggest a good deal of Botox work and lip job. With a reputation to keep and a great fiancée, the celebrity also seems to know that men are obsessed with the chest, and she must have gone for a boob job as well.

The Conclusion

According to Dr. Tal Roudner, it is probable that the starlet had a nice cheek job and Botox work to her face. The expert surgeon, however, refutes the claims of any other type of surgery. The surgeon views were also echoed by Jennifer Leebow, who argues that her stunning transformation could be natural altogether. However, fans can hear none of it, and Kate Upton plastic surgery rumors mills will continue until she admits a little bit of it. This far the only thing fans have heard from her is a speculative affirmation that her beauty is well all natural. She, however, looks stunning and natural, which means her job was well done. Still, she is a girl, isn’t she? She has a lot to achieve in the world of modeling. Perhaps she is the real revolutions in the beauty industry.