Lil KimGoing for injection here and there has become normal for the Hollywood audience, Hollywood celebrities go for plastic surgery to keep youthful fool look.

But in some instances, finding favors under the surgeon’s knife goes wrong and celebrities come out with wrong faces and full of mistakes.

Here we talk about Lil Kim plastic surgery and the celebrities who have topped on the plastic surgery list.

For some time now, words have been spreading out like a bushfire that the popular celebrity Lil Kim went under a knife to refresh her aging look, her fans noticed this in her latest performance at ’Dancing with the stars’, could this fact be true or just words meant to tarnish the well-celebrated celeb?

According to Lil Kim, she insists of not using any cosmetic or any other supplements to give her face the most talked about a look.

To fans during her performance together with Patti Labelle and Amber Riley, her face looked unusual and it was not appealing, talking of her nose, it looked small and slim than usual, but what left the fans wondering, are her over-sized lips.

On her twitter handle, she disagrees with fans.

In a real sense, those who saw her before her tenth performance could not recognize her, again her eyebrows were heavy with high cheekbones. Totally she was unrecognizable.

When she posted her selfies she got rude comments based on her roosted face from her fans.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

John Rivers recently went public to confirm the ongoing rumors that in her 79 years, she has undergone 739 plastic surgeries to keep her fit and fresh in the eyes of her fun.

Not only her who has confirmed the doubts but many celebs have confirmed the doubts.

Barry Manilow for many reasons which include her three facelifts, Botox injection and eyelid surgery has also been rumored to have sought knife favor in keeping the good look, much has changed since her young star days.

Melanie Griffith also distances her worrying look from plastic surgery but experts have confirmed that she has gone for lips injection, but due to condemnation she received from the public, she accepted and confirmed to have been going for the plastic surgery.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before and After

Just like Lil Kim face plastic surgery, Hollywood stars are known to going for all sort of cosmetic procedures.

Celebrity Rumer Willis has been noted to have gone for face surgery, her chin was shaved down, and both her lips filled with collagen and increased boots. Surely for the sake of publicity and fame, would you go for what they do to earn public attention?

Why do they go for plastic surgery in the first place?

Lil Kim before plastic surgery 2

On April Kelly Motika a fun to Lil Kim posted on her twitter handle that, Lil Kim plastic surgery scares me.

She really didn’t need to change anything in her look. Does not look like her anymore.

And the comments are on and on her look. Lil Kim for a long time refuted this and claims that the media and the people behind her plastic surgery rumors have been Photoshop being her images eyes after years to bring her music publicity down.

Lil Kim plastic surgery gone wrong

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgery has been a means through which top admired celebrities go for in keeping fit and young in the public’s attention.

Are plastic surgeries among the celebrities justified?