Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery ControversyRaquel Welch Plastic Surgery is a no-brainer. I mean, looks at how stunning she looks at old age. She has a youthful face and her eyes are as sexy as those of a young woman.

Many people have been talking about the changes noticed in her looks. Rumors have been flying that she has had a series of cosmetic surgeries to boost her looks. Whatever procedures she might have used on her, they have proven successful. She might just be another celebrity to have visited a plastic surgeon in pursuit of a more youthful look.

Not much is clear on her case, but how much proof do we need if her photos reveal such a significant change. Raquel still looks young and beautiful, and I love her new looks.

Which treatments do you think she used to make her fresh and youthful?

Botox Injection

Being the sex symbol that she has been, she probably decided that she is not going to let wrinkles ruin her career.

Her face is tighter and too smooth for an old face. Botox has proven to do wonders on celebrities’ faces, and it is alleged that Raquel uses Botox injection to make the wrinkles go away. Celebrities seem to be scared of wrinkles, and most of them would do anything to keep the lines off their faces. If you were to run your fingers on her beautiful face, your fingers wouldn’t come across any wrinkles. She has Botox and a good plastic surgeon to thank for her new looks. Her fans love her new looks, but they are yet to hear her confess on using surgery to modify her looks.

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before and After

Facelift Treatment

75 years old and still looking gorgeous?

That’s a miracle right there. The facelift procedure is widely used today to keep the face fresh and sexier.

Raquel Welch’s face is young and fresh, you’d mistake her for a teenage girl. It is amazing to look young and fresh, and many would do exactly what she has done if they had a chance to. Many of her Hollywood counterparts have shown their love for the actress’ new looks. Many people admire her youthful appearance, and her plastic surgeon must have been so skilled and experienced to make such a transformation possible. The facelift has helped balance her face to make it smooth and more defined, hence making her sexier than many women her age.

Previous photos reveal that she used to have a bumpy face, which is no more today. Any signs of aging have clearly been contained.

Raquel Welch Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Nose Job

This is another part that has changed significantly.

It is rumored that she might have modified her nose to keep it sexier, and to make it fit in her new face. Rumor has it that the 75-year-old model didn’t like her previous nose, which was larger and not as better shaped as her current nose. If it is true that Raquel modified her nose through rhinoplasty, then a good job was done on it. She has a slimmer nose that is perfectly pointed at the tip, and that is straight at the nose bridge. She probably had a nose job in pursuit of a more youthful appearance.

She has clearly succeeded in making her face look like she is more than 30 years younger.

When will she ever age?

Comparing her past and present photos show that she has a nose that is different from what she had in the past.

Breast Augmentation

Have you seen Raquel Welch’s boobs lately? They look tempting, and you’d admire them the first time you see them (and any other time). She has the kind of boobs any woman would love to have.

It is the kind of breast men want to see. They are fuller, and round now that ever seen on her.

At her age, you’d expect to see her with sagging tits, but you won’t because that isn’t the case. Raquel must have had some expensive breast augmentation to enlarge her boobs.

Doesn’t she look lovely with her new boobs?

Raquel Welch Before and After Facelift

It is amazing how far celebrities can go to keep a youthful look. Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery has taught us a lot.

She one of the few lucky Hollywood stars to successfully boost their appearances with plastic surgery. It is not clear if she actually had cosmetic surgery on other parts too.

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos