Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery ControversyElena Jane Goulding, better known to the general public as Ellie Goulding, is a 29-year-old British singer-songwriter and musician.

Ellie was discovered in 2009, after struggling and working as a hair salon assistant in her early adulthood. Since then, she’s achieved some major worldwide hits such as “Lights”, “Burn”, “Beating Heart” and “Love Me Like You Do”. The latter two songs were main singles from two Hollywood blockbusters, “Divergent” and “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

“Love Me Like You Do” also earned Ellie her first Grammy nomination. On top of her incredible success and awards, Ellie also had the honor of being the main singer at the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ellie Goulding is a beautiful young woman, but she is as human as anyone else, so she’s not immune to insecurities.

In fact, she’s the first to admit she used to be obsessed with her figure and worked out much more than she needed to, which only made her body less womanly or attractive.

The star does, however, try to hide from and deny any Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery rumors that the tabloids come up with, especially those about her breasts and the possibility that she’s had a boob job.

Ellie Goulding boob job rumors have been around for a long time, especially since she started wearing sexier and more revealing outfits back in 2013.

The singer didn’t use to be a permanent feature in the media before that, but looking at Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery before and after pictures, it is hard not to think she’s gotten breast implants, as her chest not only looks fuller but also much perkier and rounder, which is usually a sign that someone’s had a breast augmentation performed.

Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery Before and After3

Aside from her supposed boob job, there are many other Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery rumors going around. The second most popular is that she’s had a rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job.

Not everyone agrees about it, but some say there is a difference in before and after pictures, and that her bridge looks narrower. Some people also point out that she doesn’t have a bulbous tip anymore as she did at the beginning of her career. It is very hard to tell whether these changes are real or not, to be fair.

But it isn’t just her nose that causes Ellie Goulding Plastic Surgery rumors either.

In fact, at one point it was her lips that were the talk of the town after she posted a picture on Instagram where her pout took center stage. Ellie Goulding has never had thin lips, to begin with, but they did look fuller in the picture, which is why some assumed she’d had injections of implants.

Some think her changing appearance’ is the product of another kind of procedure, however, with websites like PerezHilton suggesting that she’s had Botox on her face and chin, which she is known to be insecure about.

Ellie Goulding Before and After Plastic Surgery

Ellie Goulding has denied any Plastic Surgery rumors and accusations, even saying she’s petrified by the procedures and crediting the changes in her body to her vegetarianism and new exercise routine.

These are, however, popular excuses among celebrities, and no one believes them anymore.

Also, the public isn’t happy about the singer’s alleged enhancements, especially those made to her face, as they point out that she looks very fake and not like herself anymore.

Ellie’s approaching her 30s, so it’s not very surprising that she has started fighting age and has worked to eliminate her insecurities, but starting early can also lead one to go too far, so hopefully, she will tread carefully from now on.

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