It seems to date and getting kids among the celebrity circle have become a hobby. Why would it not be so especially if it concerns Briana Dejesus? She is the stunning starlet who shot to fame for debuting at the seminal Teen Mom show. Her life seems to be surrounded by a mysteriously broken relationships. two kids from different fathers, and now, lately, a break up with Javi Marroquin, and her latest known fiancée. The relationship between the two had been a subject of tabloid sensation for months. That is, before a fateful breakup, which ended up in Javi appearing three months later with a pregnant ex-girlfriend. Fans did not question Javis ex-girlfriend conception date more than they boiled their heads in Briana Dejesus Plastic Surgery rumors mills.

Briana Dejesus Plastic Surgery Explanation

It is not easy to find a celebrity who confesses to love plastic surgery around. While the Hollywood and celebrity industry has become a place where starlets have been aging backward, stories and rumors of plastic surgery have often been said with hush whispers. Briana Dejesus Plastic Surgery is an exception, however. She overjoys in a series of plastic surgeries. Actually, fans no longer know what to say about her series of procurement, and there is no longer any need to speculate and thoroughly cross-check her photos unless you are secretly planning to go under the knife yourself.

Why is she an exception? For any conceivable reason, several people would be faced with a dilemma if given an opportunity to choose between a lover and a personal indulgence and aspiration such as going under the knife. This is not true for Brianna De Jesus. The stunning beauty and mother of two could hear none of it. She saw no dilemma in such a question. Her mind was already decided and she was willing to go to the extent of breaking up with Javis, to continue with her plastic surgery addiction.

More About Rumors In Question

Speaking months after the pregnancy rumors emerged, she broke the news that she was no longer dating anybody and that she had broken up with Javi. Why was this important? It was eighteen days later after the breakup, and she had already done what had made them go separate ways. This is not going on vacation alone with another prince-charming. No, it was procuring a series of surgeries. Surgeries which included liposuction, butt job, botox injection and some boop job as well. They were several of them in a row, weren’t they?


Javi, her ex-lover is yet to comment about this frightening news. The kind that would make Romeo and Juliet appear foolish to die of love. He seems to be enjoying his time preparing for his first baby with an ex-girlfriend. Briana DeJesus plastic surgery indulgences have also invited all the attention from his former relations. Behind all this, nobody seems to be caring that the starlet appears incredible, more stunning and attractive. Perhaps it is because the stories surrounding her were numerous and the social media is yet to recover from their enigmatic effect. Who knows?