Joyce Meyer Plastic SurgeryThe decision of Joyce Meyer plastic surgery has shocked many people and everyone is wondering whether the religious are being affected by pride too?

Joyce Meyer was born on 4th June in the year 1943. She is a public figure and she is well known due to her charismatic personality and religious messages that touch many hearts.

It is true that she is a religious woman who aspires many to be true to themselves, how to follow the ways of God so as one may improve his or her life according to the religious teachings and values.

Why Joyce Meyer did plastic surgery?

Joyce Meyer`s being a woman who is turning 71 years, being religious or not she is definitely affected by her appearance to her audience.

Moreover, she is a TV star who appears in numerous TV screens in the USA, her image to the audience is everything. There is a rumor that she was feeling insecure because she was aging thus she decided to look younger as well as appeal her television audience.

This is the main reason being given for her decision to consider having plastic surgery done on her.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After

What are the rumors about Joyce Meyer plastic surgery?

She has decided not to share the light about her plastic surgery of which it is also the same case with other celebrities. During her sermons too, she is just talking about her life experience and just shunning her plastic surgery issue and not talking about it.

There is a rumor that she has had lip implants, facelift, botox injections, nose job or rhinoplasty and an eyebrow lift.

What is the outcome of Joyce Meyer lip filler injections?

Joyce Meyer After Plastic Surgery

It is unfortunate that her lip filler injections did not turn out very well. This can be evidenced in the before plastic surgery and after plastic surgery photos.

The lip injections were not done properly and this resulted in the paralysis of her lip muscles.

Her lip seems as if swollen and sagging. However, she got all it takes to correct that mess that has been caused by the lip injections.

What is the public opinion on her plastic surgery?

Her fans are not pleased with her decision.

They say that she looked better when she had the natural look than her plastic surgery look at what we can see on before and after surgery pics. Despite the fact that she is aging and in her early seventies, her audience was happy that she had accepted herself just the way she is and this was going hand in hand with her teaching.

Furthermore, she is a renowned religious woman who is a role model to many. The public says that she should be setting good examples to her audience rather than misleading them as well as leaving them in doubts.

The Bible says that we were wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of our creator. Well, this is what she teaches her audience and her going under the knife is contradicting to why she is doing against what she is teaching.

Should we even listen to her teaching or she is just in for a show?

Joyce Meyer plastic surgery before and after photos