Wayne Newton is one of the biggest names in Las Vegas and this is mainly attributed to his prowess in music. He has released different songs which have been loved not only in the United States but also in several other countries.

Wayne has been warming the hearts of many people with his songs and performance for over 40 years and there are no signs of stopping any time soon. His popularity earned him the nickname “Mr. Las Vegas”.

In his career, Wayne has courted some controversies and one of them is that he has been linked to Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery.

Plastic surgery is a common topic among many celebrities in the United States and that is why many of them won’t hesitate to go under the knife whenever there is a need to do so. Given that a celebrity is always on the spotlight, he or she will always go to the deepest end to look perfect.

This could be the reason as to why Wayne Newton decided to go for plastic surgery even though he has not come out to be open about it. Hiding the fact that you have gone under the knife is an exercise in futility as before and after photos of you will always come out to betray you.

When you compare before and after photos of Wayne Newton, there is various proof of different types of plastic surgery.


One of the many series that Wayne Newton might have undergone is a facelift. This can be seen by comparing the looks of his face some years back and now.

He looks much younger than his age sparking rumors that he might have had facelift surgery. Previously, Wayne had a shiny forehead but now it looks totally frozen with limited movement. It also has that unnatural look that anyone can see.

You might be mistaken for thinking that it is only ladies who hate wrinkles. A good number of men are also in this bandwagon, especially the ones that are always on the limelight. A normal person who is in his seventies should be having wrinkles but this is not the case with Wayne.

Instead, he has a very smooth face devoid of any aging signs. This is only possible with a good facelift procedure.

Botox Injections

This type of plastic surgery is majorly done to get rid of wrinkles that might have developed. It makes one look younger and full of life, typical characteristics of Wayne Newton.

Continuous botox injections accompanied by fillers might have been used to get rid of aging lines on Wayne’s face. Sometimes botox injections come with unexpected results and this can be seen on Wayne’s face.

He has a frozen face and his smile is no longer there no matter how much he tries to force the smile.

Nose Job

A look at Wayne Newton’s skin would reveal that his nose looks very different. It does not look natural at all and also it seems to have taken a different shape.

When you look at the before and after photos, the bridge of his nose was broad but now it is narrow with a sharper tip. This can be only possible with a rhinoplasty procedure.

The changes on his nose have made his face to have a totally different outlook.


Just like many other celebrities who have gone under the knife, Wayne has remained mum on this issue. He has not given any comment about the surgery though everything about it seems to be open.

Many people are of the opinion that the Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery has not made the singer any better as they were used to his natural looks.

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos