amber-rose-plastic-surgery-controversyAmber Rose Plastic Surgery has left everyone talking and tweeting. She is a special woman with some really amazing traits, and who particularly became famous due to her relationship with Kanye West.

This Hip-hop artist, model, and performer is only 32, yet she has already modified her beauty with plastic surgery severally. She is such a beautiful person with such an amazing body that could still make heads turn without plastic surgery.

Since Amber Rose made friends with the scalpel for the first time some years back, it seems the friendship isn’t fading any time soon.

She has been on fire lately, with new rumors of her undergoing plastic surgery filling the air.

Breast Lifting or Implant

Amber Rose has some really magical breasts, and which her fans seem not to get enough of on media. In a recent TV show, Amber Rose indicated that her 36H bra size is all natural.

She has denied having enhanced them with plastic surgery, but top plastic surgeons think otherwise. Maybe she is right, maybe she is not. It is less likely for a woman’s breast to lift by themselves as they get older, yet before and after photos clearly proves that Amber’s breasts have been lifted in one way or the other.

The most logical theory is that she lifted her breasts surgically.


Butt Implants

Besides being one of Amber’s fans, I’m a loyal fan of her beauty. To be precise, I love her butt. If you compare before and after picture of Amber rose you realize that her butt has recently changed a great deal.

You don’t need a keen eye to see how much her bosom has become bigger and better. Amber’s butt has always been voluminous, but if you see her most recent photos, you understand why everyone thinks she has received some serious butt implants.

The plastic surgeon who worked on her behind must be a real professional that is also highly skilled in performing such procedures.

She has these round compact ass that excellently fits into her unique wardrobe.


Rhinoplasty Surgery

Before and after photos of Amber Rose prove that her nose has transitioned a lot from the past. Apart from her fans and the rest of the world, her Hollywood counterparts have also echoed the sentiments of some of the world’s renowned plastic surgeons indicating that her nose has been enhanced along with the rest of her body parts.

They point that the shape of her nose now looks a bit slimmer than it used to. These surgeons, after studying her new looks, points out nose job or a rhinoplasty surgery as the most probable procedure.

Botox Injection

Amber Rose has perfectly glowing skin that has no traces of wrinkles or even smile lines. For a woman in her thirties, we expect to see even a little of these lines, but not on Amber’s face.

Only Botox injection can provide such an unlikely result.


Many Hollywood fans and many Hollywood celebrities have expressed their admiration of Amber Rose Plastic Surgery because of the excellence of its results. We can all agree that she looks stunning.

She has refuted claims that she has undergone plastic surgery, and in that case, we still can’t confirm that these rumors are actually true. Do you think Amber used plastic surgery to enhance her looks?

Amber Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos