Madeleine StoweMadeleine M. Stowe, known to TV fans simply as Madeleine Stowe, is a 56 years old American actress and TV star. She’s enjoyed a long and fairly successful career in TV and movies since she breakthrough in the 80s movie “Stakeout”.

Madeleine’s career took a hiatus, however, for a few years since the turn of the century before she became the villain in the popular TV series “Revenge” in 2011, where she stars opposite Emily Van Camp, as Victoria Grayson, a role which awarded her a Golden Globe nomination.

Always beautifully dressed and made up, both on the show and red carpet events, Madeleine always shows a youthful complexion along with her enviable figure for her age, which certainly has the public wondering whether she’s simply blessed or has found the fountain of youth at a surgeon’s office.

The truth is, while some improvements are more obvious than others, Stowe is said to have had an extensive list of procedures done to perfect her appearance over the years, from Botox and lip injections to eyelid surgery, to nose and boob jobs.

If you look closely, these celebrity plastic surgery claims are actually quite easy to back up, so let’s take a look at her plastic surgery before and after.

Madeleine Stowe Botox

For instance, it seems highly unlikely that someone in their 50s would have such perfect, smooth and glowing skin.

While both the public and media agree that she does look gorgeous, the absence of any visible wrinkles fuel Madeleine Stowe plastic surgery rumors, with some outlets even claiming she might have gone as far as having her face lifted, as well as going for a blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, to further perfect her smooth skin, by evening out her lower lid area.

Madeleine Stowe has also had a nose job. She had a thinner nose with a small tip and now her nose looks sharp and pointed. Nose job changed the way she used the look and now has a wider rounded tip.

After breast augmentation, her breasts look bigger, higher and have a round shape.

While most Madeleine Stowe plastic surgery speculation concerns her somewhat unchanging appearance, there is one feature that has visibly changed, and it is certainly hard to believe it did naturally.

Most women her age see their lips giving visibly thinner, but Madeleine’s are actually much fuller than they used to be in her youth, creating, along with her lively, wide eyes, a very unique look for the actress, and leaving room for very little doubt that she’s had some lip augmentation performed on her.

Madeleine Stowe Eyelid Plastic Surgery

Curiously enough though, while no one would have faulted her for it, Madeleine denies having had Botox, saying she has her mother’s advice to avoid the sun as well as frowning, to thank for her smooth forehead instead.

She also claims her flawless complexion is only achieved through traditional methods like facial exercise and treatments – but not lasers or surgery – as well as plenty of water and sleep.

Whether one believes Madeleine’s explanation for her beautiful, youthfully glowing skin, some other claims, like that of her lip augmentation, are harder to dismiss. Of course, makeup and light tricks could enhance her lips, but probably not to that point, and not consistently, as she seems to have plump lips at all times.

All in all, while it is close to impossible to believe that Madeleine Stowe is indeed a case of naturally age-defying beauty, the truth is, any procedures she may have had were done to perfection, taking care not to alter her features significantly, and everyone agrees the actress looks stunning at 56 years of age.