bob-costas-plastic-surgery-controversyBob Costas Plastic Surgery rumors seem not to end any soon. Despite the fact that everyone desires a sweet and innocent face, retaining your looks is not easy.

This is one of the reasons many celebrities in the world including Bob Costas have opted to seek for help from surgeons. Bob is among those celebrities who never cease to amaze his fans. He is categorized in the list of those celebrities who have remained younger than their age mates despite their old age.

If rumors are anything to by, then the surgeon who did the job must have taken his or her precious time to ensure that Bob looks better at the end of the process. Hate him or love him, Bob looks handsome and charming. His looks have made him still the hearts of many women not only in the US but also in the entire world.

The next time you think about plastic surgery, ensure that you ask Bob about his surgeon.

Bob Costas has become more popular as one of the best field of sports field casting who have kept the same appearance throughout their career.

From the 1980s to date, Bob has been a true definition of handsomeness. Looking at his face, it is not easy to notice any sign of aging like most of the people he was born with. Although his lifestyle must have contributed to his looks in various ways, there is no doubt that he has done something on his face.

Beyond the bay look, Bob’s overall skin looks very fresh and young than ever.


What does Bob say about the rumors

Just like most American celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery at some point in their lives, Bob has denied claims that he visited one in the past.

He attributes his charming looks to genetics and his busy lifestyle, which many people have doubted. As Bob continues to deny having undergone plastic surgery to correct what he thought were flaws, his smooth skin says something completely different.


What surgical procedures did Bob seek?

It is speculated that Bob undertook different forms of surgery to attain his new and charming looks. Some of the possible surgical procedures that are likely to have made him look different include the following

Botox injections

Botox injections are among the surgical procedures many people have alleged changed Bob’s appearance. The American idol face looks different when you compare his pictures before and after surgery.



A facelift is another surgical procedure many believe changed Bob’s looks. It is claimed that he also sought eyelid modification, which left him looking younger and different.

When you look at his forehead, you will also notice that he has undergone a surgical operation to get a different one.

In conclusion, Bob Costas Plastic Surgery has been one of the most trending topics in the recent past. Many people believe that Costas did something to get his new looks. It is alleged that Bob underwent different surgical procedures including Botox Injections and facelift that left him different at the end of the process.

Although he has refused to accept the claims, Costas is no longer the same.

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos