Andie MacDowell plastic surgery_1Do you believe that plastic surgery procedure is safe? Well, this depends on the expertise of your surgeon, your health status and the type of surgery you choose.

Andie MacDowell plastic surgery facts and media speculations have been taking the social media platform as well as celebrity gossip magazines by surprise in recent times.

The American actress and a well-known fashion model has had a perfect career since her film debut way back in 1984. She may be old, but just like a majority of celebrities, MacDowell is not about to accept old age.

The 57-year-old actress is rumored to have had several surgical procedures and we take this opportunity to highlight and explain about her secret love for the surgeon’s knife.

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Procedures

Looking at her before and after pictures, MacDowell is no longer the naturally beautiful woman that once graced our screens as we were growing up. Developing stories indicates that she has been in and out of the surgeon’s room severally going for face-lift, boob job, eyelids surgery (Blepharoplasty), facial fillers, nose job, Restylane and Juvederm.

Her 2008 photos show a lot of differences if compared with her 2014 photos. Her breasts are now bigger while her face is wrinkle free with her forehead looking tighter than before. Celebrity facts indicate that the actress has had breast implants as well as Botox injections to make sure she maintains her younger looks.

A closer look at her lips indicates that she looks more different and attractive than she was before.

Her lips look youthful and well-filled courtesy of lip implants and plastic surgery procedures.

Andie MacDowell boobs plastic surgery

Andie MacDowell Facelift Plastic Surgery

Reviews of celebrities who are lovers of the surgeon’s knife mentioned her as one of a kind woman who will do anything to accentuate her younger looks. Facts indicate that Dr. Paul Nasif openly told the press that Andie MacDowell went for fillers and Botox.

The doctor insists that she cannot be as natural as he looks at her age adding the fact that she was aging gracefully suddenly acquired new looks. In support of these claims, Dr. Anthony Youn states that Andie MacDowell seems to have gone for some artificial fat injections on her cheeks to offer her plump and soft looks.

Andie MacDowell has been frequency asked these similar questions by friends and journalists, but she is not about to confess.

Our speculation shows that she may have had one-too-many with rumors stating that she also had a nose job to make her look more beautiful.

Andie MacDowell plastic surgery

Aging gracefully is one thing we should all adore and accept with open hands. Andie MacDowell plastic surgery rumors indicate that she has completely lost her natural looks and these surgical procedures may soon affect her general health.

For instance, fat injections are known for their natural side-effects if not well injected by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Is it safe to go for plastic surgery procedure to hide old age?

It’s upon our readers to decide what they value more about their life, but we believe that natural looks rocks. Remember, if God made you an original, do not die a photocopy.

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos