Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and AfterHas Mission Impossible Tom Cruise undergone plastic surgery?
The legendary Mission Impossible actor, Tom Cruise, continues to set tongues wagging about his youthful looks. Thanks to his recent appearance for the Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation promotional tour, the star has become the latest subject of the plastic surgery question.

While Cruise has in the past spoken out maintaining that he had not undergone any plastic surgery procedures, it would seem that he since changed his mind.

With cosmetic procedures fast becoming the trend among celebrities as they reach the prime of their lives, we can only wonder: has Tom Cruise joined the bandwagon and gone under the knife to cosmetically enhance his looks?

Now aged 53, Tom Cruise seems set to blaze through life without the characteristic saggy skin and facial wrinkles that people in that age group succumb to.

The onset of these natural effects of aging has forced much celebrity to seek Botox injections, nose jobs, breast augmentations, face-lifts, and all sorts of implants, to name a few, in order to remain appealing and enchanting.

Do any clues exist that might help us figure out whether Tom Cruise has undergone plastic surgery?

Let us examine some evidence.

Before and After Plastic Surgeon

Before and after photographs of Tom Cruise have surfaced all over the internet, all of them pointing to some apparently subtle changes in the actor’s appearance.

Starting us off is the actor’s teeth. Cruise is believed to have had his teeth undergo a makeover in order to have them look neat and impeccable.

A nose job looks to have been yet another consideration in Tom Cruise’s cosmetic overhaul.

Spotting a slimmer nose with an accompanying modified nasal bridge, the actor now seems to have a more defined facial structure.

A close look at any before and after pictures of the actor will satisfy any curious person doubting the veracity of this fact.

Tom Cruise before and after teeth

Tom Cruise Face Lifts

Dr. Anthony Youn, a renowned plastic surgeon, opined in 2014 that Tom Cruise had clearly been cosmetically enhanced. Referring to an instance where the acclaimed star appeared with a puffy-looking face which looked a little swollen, the doctor thought that he may have been getting too many fillers. Injections of fillers are used to fill in lean faces and get rid of wrinkles.

A comparison of images of Tom Cruise when young and at present shows that his chiseled cheeks are gone, and where wrinkles might be expected, they seem to showcase the end result of a masterful Botox injection job.

Tom Cruise plastic surgery before and after nose job

Tom Cruise is no stranger to having numerous rumors about his person widely circulated. He has been accused of not only having a face-lift as well as Botox injections, but also liposuction as well as pectoral implants.

The movie star had earlier gone on record claiming that he had no idea how he always managed to look half his age, saying that he worked, trained and sometimes even went without sleep.

A better answer to that question, however, may have just been unveiled. Tom Cruise might have successfully employed plastic surgery procedures in order to maintain his absolutely good looks at his age.

Having reviewed the evidence, what do you think?

Tom Cruise Before And After Plastic Surgery Photos