Blac ChynaBlac Chyna is an American business owner, model, and performer. She is well known for her relationship with Robert Kardashian, Kim Kardashian brother as well as she is an ex-girlfriend of rapper Tyga.

She is one of the most beautiful female models in the world. There is something else that is also keeping this gorgeous princess famous lately. Blac China plastic surgery has been really talked on, with rumors and facts going round in the media and among a section of Blac Chyna fans. This young woman has some amazing eyes, perfectly positioned on her glossy face. She has a breathtaking figure too.

Born Angela Renee White in 1989, Blac Chyna is still young, but her magical transformation has been highly questioned. When you study her photos closely, you realize she has a different appearance on before and after photos.

Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery Rumors

Butt Implants

Rumor has it that Blac Chyna has let plastic surgeons tamper with her behind. People began to gossip about it when she posted some pictures of her beautiful body.

Her butt seemed bigger than it used to be. Even her previous photos prove she used to have a smaller butt than what she currently has.

Even though she’s always had some sexy butt, her recently seen pictures show that she might have enhanced them. They have gotten even bigger (no need to panic though). Being the stunningly talented woman that she is, she might have decided to go for butt implants to boost her beauty. Her bumps shake even better now, and you’d mistake her for Nicky Minaj in her recent videos.

If it is true that she changed them with a surgeons’ knife, then it was a successful butt implant for sure.

Lip Job

Take her lips for instance. Blac Chyna’s lips look much attractive and tempting now.

I love her lips, just like most of her fans too. Some of the best plastic surgeons have studied those lips and pointed out that lip augmentation is evident in them. She has bigger and wider lips, which make her smile as magical as the morning sun.

With proper lip fillers and a top-notch plastic surgeon, Blac Chyna’s transformation is possible. Her lips are fuller and have a clearer outline, which makes them perfect with her choice of lipsticks and style in general.

Now, wait for her to smile and see the magic.

Cheek Implants

Blac Chyna has got some pretty amazing cheeks. Her cheeks perfectly fit on her face, only they now look to protrude slightly more. It is not yet confirmed if she indeed did something to change her cheeks, but her fans suspect that she might have got them done. When I went through her photos to confirm her physical transformation rumors, the cheeks in her current photos seem smoother and better with her dimples.

Some of her fans have come to deny these allegations. However, top plastic surgeons believe she might have used cheek fillers. The transformation on her cheeks isn’t much compared to her butt. Her cheeks have just gotten better, but haven’t changed so much.

Do you love her new cheeks?

Or you don’t believe she got them done?

Nose Job

Rumor has it that the super sexy star has had her nose changed through a nose job or rhinoplasty.

These are rumors that begun when her fans notice a difference in her nose recently. She doesn’t seem to have changed much on the nose, but she sure has a better nose now. Blac Chyna’s nose is thinner and has a more pointed tip. She has a sexier nose, which also fits her well. If the changes were natural, then that must be some pretty amazing genes right there.

Her fans have largely shown their love for her beauty and talents.

Eyelid Fillers

Though not much, her eyes look smaller and sexier now than before.

People have been heard saying that she likely went for eyelid fillers to make her look sexier.

The look different from her previous eyes, meaning something must have been done.

She hasn’t confirmed these allegations yet, and many of her fans are still waiting to know the truth in them.

Celebrities change their appearances for the sake of their career and or confidence.

All in all, many people (including her Hollywood counterparts) love her looks now and before, but they admit she looks hotter now than ever. Her boobs don’t seem to have changed much though.

Do you agree with Blac Chyna plastic surgery allegations?

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