Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery ControversyMost Hollywood celebrities believe in looking perfect. That is why they even do the unthinkable just to achieve this goal. It is not wrong to try to achieve the best look possible. The problem is that they try to keep it a secret until we eventually find out, sooner or later.

Melissa Gorga is a stunning beauty, and probably one of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses. She is a singer and a reality TV star with admirable talent in both areas.

She appeared in the third season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and was a cast member of the show henceforth.

Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery is one that has left many people confused and wondering why and how and why she did it since she is a natural beauty.

Nose Job

Over the past few years, there have been rumors going around that Melissa Gorga has gone under the surgeon’s knife. For a while, she refuted these claims and blamed it on contouring, until she was cornered. She finally addressed the issue.

After her heated argument with Jacqueline Laurita, who claimed that Melissa had received four nose jobs, Melissa finally admitted that her nose job was the worst kept secret but it is her secret to tell, not Jacqueline’s. She also furthered her nose job confirmation in an exclusive interview with the Daily Dish.

Even if she didn’t confirm these rumors, before and after photos clearly shows a huge disparity in her nose appearance, now and before. It is apparent that her nose has been redesigned to fit her new face.

Her nose looks slimmer and a little bit more pointed. Whoever the surgeon was, he did a good job.

Melissa Gorga Before and After Surgery Procedure

Breast Implants

Melissa Gorga is not new to plastic surgery. There was a time her closest allies leaked information claiming that she went under the knife to replace her breast implants. However, her appearance changed massively after she appeared in the RHONJ.

Before and after photos also proved that her boobs have transitioned greatly over the years. If you have watched season three and four of RHONJ you will agree that Melissa looks totally different in numerous ways. Melissa Gorga used to have small breasts, but not today.

The Melissa of today has bigger rounder breasts that leave men salivating and women admiring. She admitted that she used to have an A-cup size that pregnancy and breast-feeding messed up.

According to her, that is when she decided to go for breast implants to restore the perfect shape and size for her boobs.

Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox and Cheek Fillers

Apparently, Melissa’s plastic surgery did not end with her breast implant or nose job. Rumors have it that the Hollywood actress had Botox and cheek fillers to maintain her youthful appearance. Melisa’s face is as smooth as that of a newborn baby. It is almost impossible for a woman her age to look so young without plastic surgery being involved.

Botox injection helps in getting rid of wrinkles and in tightening of the facial skin. A section of her fans believes she also must have used cheek fillers to boost the size and shape of her cheeks.

Before and after photos reveal a slight change in the size of her cheeks.

Melissa Gorga Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Do you think Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery was necessary? Whether she used plastic surgery on all the parts speculated on just a section of them, Melissa is still beautiful. She looks stunning as always, and her fans still love her new looks.

Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos