Stunning, talented, Oscar winning actress; these are just some of the common adjectives which describ beautiful Charlize Theron. No one can argue that Hollywood is filled with talented actors, but someone like Charlize Theron is truly unique. This South African model turned actress  is also known for her kind heart as she participates in charitable events. Even though the tabloids can produce gossips and rumors about her on a regular basis, the recent Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery rumors has grabbed everyone’s attention on another level.

Classic rags to riches story

If growing up poor was not challenging enough, young Charlize has to deal with an very abusive father. Her strong will allowed her to face difficulties and struggle with grace and she was able to get a modelling contract at the age of 16. Charlize’s plan of becoming an actress was truly a decision her fans are thankful for. Charlize starred in movies like Devil’s Advocate, Mighty Joe Young, The Italian Job, Monster, Mad Max: Fury Road; and the list goes on and on.

First hints of plastic surgery

Many tabloids claimed that she got a boob job. Many tabloids said that by comparing her scenes in “Monster” and “The Burning Plain” (even in case of her recent movie “Atomic Blonde”) the changes was quite clear which backed up their claims that she did got the enhancement. But, these rumors quickly died down because fans and many fitness gurus claimed that the changes in her body was due to both gaining or losing weight or toning her muscles for the rolels in her movies.

Is Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery actually true?

It is true that anyone who is a heavyweight in Hollywood is always under strict scrutiny. People are interested in her looks as even at the age of 42, she is gorgeous with her flawless and clear face. So, all the recent claims of her using plastic surgery to keep on looking young is believed by many.

A couple of known news channels and magazines did a spread about Charlize. The spread reports about rumors that came with many before and after pictures to show changes over the years only possible via surgeries. With pictures of her before debuting, 10 years ago and current pictures, the signs of plastic surgery are actually quite clear, and so these rumors were believed by many.

Among the many rumors, people believe that she did got a nose job. By comparing her before and after pictures, one can notice that the shape of her nose has changed drastically. The tip and bridge of her nose has become evidently slimmer and shaper, a common trait of a nose job.

According to some sources , Theron has also chosen blepharoplasty. She also have less crow’s feet and wrinkles around her eyes now then she was younger. All that fueled Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery rumors. There are many who also claims that her flawless skin even in this age is because of Botox and other sort of filler injections. There are also claims that she has been using Radiesse injections as well. The fact that some of her scars on her face is visibly less backs up this claim strongly.

Charlize Theron’s take on the rumors

Charlize Theron is known for voicing her opinion and putting to rest rumors about her on a regular basis. But, whenever there are any Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery rumors going viral, she seems to stay away from anything related to it. But do you think this as well? Or you think that all the Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery rumors are made up tabloids to sell their magazines?