Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery ControversyYolanda Foster’s daughter Bella Hadid is real action in the fashion world. At only 19 years of age, she is already quite popular in the American fashion industry. It seems it isn’t the only fashion that makes this beauty famous.

There are rumors going around that she might have done some changes to her appearance with the help of a plastic surgeon. Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery is highly talked about, especially among her fans and media.

Even though she is still too young to start correcting nature as most celebrities do, her career is associated with perfection, and she might have decided to make some changes.

Do you also think she has changed in appearance?

Bella Hadid Nose Job

Bella might deny it but when you compare her past and present photos, you notice some changes on her nose. A nose is one of those parts that rarely change if something artificial isn’t inserted or injected in them. Her nose looks like it has been enhanced to look a little narrower and more refined. Her new nose is very attractive and fits well in her face.

The tip of her new nose is smaller than before and more pointed. This is one of the reasons why her fans and the media can’t stop asking if she had them modified by surgery procedures.

Many of her fans love her nose, especially the one she has now. If she got it through rhinoplasty/nose job, then it was nicely done (kudos to the surgeon).

Bella Hadid Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bella Hadid Lip Augmentation

When I look at Bella’s lips I feel extraordinarily good. It’s because she’s got such amazing lips, especially in the most recently taken photos. The lips don’t seem to have changed much, but a closer look at past and a recent photo will make you realize a slight change.

This has made fashion fans and other people speculate about her lip job possibility.

I too have been tempted to think that she has had her lips injected with fillers to make them look fuller and more defined. You look at her new lips and you realize the look a little more outlined than before.

Even highly reputable cosmetic surgeons have joined in speculating that Bella’s lips must have been modified. She is yet to confirm any of these rumors.Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox Injection

Some people say that Bella couldn’t have undergone any Plastic Surgery without including a Botox injection to it.

This has been widely treated as rumors since Bella is still a young model with a long way to go with her career and it is still too early for procedures like this. Botox injection has been speculation among a section of her fans and media alike.

Her face looks smooth and in much better shape than what she used to have, hence the question; is her face still natural?

Bella Hadid Before and After Plastic Surgery

She has always been a beautiful woman and she still is, but she has changed a little on the face. Maybe the change is natural, but since plastic surgery has become a little too common among celebrities, it isn’t wrong to suspect.

Bella Hadid Nose Job Plastic Surgery is no longer a mystery, just what else plastic surgery do you think Bella Hadid underwent?

Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos