Mia Michaels is a dancer and choreographer best known for being a judge on the show, “So you think you can dance.” This 49-year old dancer is known as one of the best choreographers having worked with the likes of Madonna, Celine Dion and Prince. A lot has been said about her age, her health and her love life. Most of the gossips comes from people that think she looks young for her age. So the topic of this article is Mia Michaels Plastic Surgery rumors and gossips.

Which Mia Michaels Plastic Surgery Procedures is Rumored for?

When pictures of Mia’s wrinkle free show up on the internet, speculation over how she manages to look that young have been swirling around. Is Mia Michaels Plastic Surgery a fact, or does she have a great makeup artist who knows how to hide those imperfections? Maybe Mia just has one of those “good genes” that keep her looking young. Whatever the case might be enquiring minds want to know if she has had plastic surgery like most celebrities in Hollywood or not.

The Facelift

Looking at Mias’s before and after pictures and comparing them, there are some differences. The first one is the skin. Mia’s skin is almost flawless. You would expect a 49-year old woman’s face to show a little bit of sagging and wrinkles but Mia’s face is very smooth. This indicates that she has had a facelift or regular Botox fillers. The skin on her face is tight. There isn’t even a wrinkle on her forehead or laugh lines that become visible with age. Mia has not responded to speculations over whether she has had a surgery done to enhance her looks. Like most celebrities she could claim good genes, exercise, good nutrition are the reasons for it.

The Nose Job

Mia’s fresh, glowing and youthful skin isn’t the only thing that people have talked about. Some people have suggested that Mia’s nose has also changed over the years. Now nose jobs like facelifts are all too common in Hollywood and truth be told Mia’s nose does look different than it did a decade ago. Her nose and her face aren’t the only things that people comment on. Her hair cut also caused a cancer rumor which turned out to be completely untrue.

There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to look as young, especially women who are in show business. When asked about why she left TV she told E! News that she did feel like she was the right fit because she felt “glossy” sitting on the judging panel. She didn’t like the fact that people focused so much on how she looked. Mia returned to her work as a choreographer and there was talk of more independent shows coming up. She might not be on “So you think you can dance” anymore but surgery or not, people still wonder about Mia Micheals Plastic Surgery. Did she or didn’t she?