pia-mia-plastic-surgery-controversyPia Mia is an American model, songwriter, and singer. Born in September 1996, Mia rose to fame as a teen star. Her love for music was unearthed earlier on in life. She used to record videos and share them on YouTube.

She attracted a lot of advertising agencies. This led her to shine in commercials and other music videos. The 19-year-old teen celeb has enjoyed life in the limelight for all the good reasons. Recently, allegations about her plastic surgery involvement may thwart her career.

Pia Mia Plastic Surgery gossip and rumors have been brandished as false by her fans. Experts believe there could be something to speculate. We take this chance to offer you the naked truth.

Did this young artist go for breast implants? This is one of the Pia Mia Plastic Surgery allegations. It is believed that Mia’s round looking breasts are not natural.

She recently posted pictures showing her cleavage. She wanted to look gorgeous; little did she know that people spot some changes that hardly come naturally.

Celebrity rumor magazines spiced the rumors by stating that Kanye West her secret lover took her to a private surgeon. The mission was to help her acquire Kardashian like breasts.

We have been speculating these rumors and we have come to realize that her breast implant gossip did not just start recently.


There is clear evidence of Pia Mia Plastic Surgery earlier on. Looking at her photos taken last year, there are slight changes that can easily be spotted. The singer could have gone for a perfect boob job surgery when she was turning 17.

We looked at her Instagram photos to prove when the changes took place.


Pia Mia’s life in the limelight could have influenced her to go for other cosmetic surgeries.

We are not sure about them.

Media speculations indicate that the talented singer went for a perfect surgery to improve the shape of her lips. According to her before and after pictures, we noticed a lot of changes in the shape of her lips. Her lips were once small and shaped in an appealing way, but now there are a lot of great improvements.

It is hard for celebrities to go for only one type of surgery. Rumor magazines indicate that she may have gone for butt implants. Her current before photos cannot make us prove that because we have not seen any changes.

Mia continues to shine in the limelight.

At a tender age, she has accomplished a lot of great achievements than many of her peers.


Though people may hate her because of the allegations, we believe that she is okay as long as the surgery was done successfully.

Is there any problem with a young girl going for plastic surgery?

This answer depends on how it is done and the reasons for the surgery. If it was done to correct a recurring health issue, then it is okay.

We wish her a blazing career. She is set to make it big in future according to her small beginnings.

We would like to give this opportunity to all our readers to give their own opinion about Pia Mia Plastic Surgery claims.

Pia Mia Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos