Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery is a hot topic of discussion currently. Her fans, celebrity enthusiasts and critics have attributed the drastic changes in her looks to plastic surgery. Katie now has a slimmer nose, lifted cheeks as well as sharper jaws among other changes that cannot be ignore. Plastic surgery is considered one of the reasons behind the changes in her appearance. Surgeons from different parts of the nation have attributed her new looks to different surgical procedures. The pressure that comes with being a celebrity and desire to remain at the top of the game seems to have compelled her to jump unto the bandwagon of celebrities going for plastic surgery. Here are some of the possible surgical treatments Katie is thought to have undergone to attain her new looks.

Cheek Augmentation

They have been speculations all over the internet and other sources of information that Katie went for chin augmentation. It rumored that the celebrity went for this procedure in order to enhance on the appearance of her cheeks. Gladly, it looks like the plastic surgery treatment worked for her. This procedure entails implanting a solid silicone in the cheeks. It can also involve dermal fillers such as Restylane. The procedure left her looking different from the way she used to appear. You can only tell the difference when you take a look at her pictures before and after surgery. He cheeks look more defined. Although the rumors about cheek implants are doing on the internet like fire spreading in the wilderness, Katie still has a natural look.


Rhinoplasty is a common surgical procedure undertaken by many celebrities going for treatment. It is said that Katie has also gone for the same. The procedure entails reshaping of the nose to attain the attained look. Things are likely to go wrong during rhinoplasty, which was not the case with Katie since everything seems to have worked on her side. Unlike the likes of the late Michael Jackson, rhinoplasty worked perfectly well for Katie, thanks to her genius surgeon.

Chin Implants

Chin implants is another procedures that is undertaken alongside cheek implants. Most surgeons recommend for chin implants after one has undertaken cheek implants. This seems to have been the case with Katie. Most celebrities do not see the need to seek for one of them when they can save some amount of cash for both. For Katie, chin implants enabled her to attain a longer face than it used to be before going under the knife.

In conclusion, American celebrities are ever seeking for plastic surgery to retain their charming looks as well as correct what they think are flaws. Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery is among the celebrities who have seen the need to seek for assistance from a surgeon in order to remain attractive. The choice to go for one or different surgical procedures depends on an individual. The change in Katie’s look suggests that she has had different surgical treatments. Some of the possible treatments she is associated with include chin implants, rhinoplasty and cheek implantation.

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos