Janeane Garofalo celesurgery afterJaneane Garofalo is a standup comedienne, actor, writer and political activist who is most noted for her hilarious jokes. She has made regular appearances on Saturday Night Live. She was born on 28th September 1964 and throughout her extensive career, she has done movies, sitcoms, and standup comedy shows.

She has always spoken to her fans in a clear way that most people like. However, in a society where most celebrities enhance their appearance through plastic surgery, rumors about Janeane Garofalo plastic surgery have come up.

When asked about the plastic surgery rumors surrounding her, Garofalo has always had a direct answer. She has admitted having undergone a breast reduction procedure. The reason she gives for undergoing this procedure is that her breasts were too large for her 5-foot frame to comfortably accommodate.

She claims that she was a little bit uncomfortable running shows and moving around with her breasts in their natural size. Her breasts now look slightly smaller after the breast reduction procedure.

Janeane Garofalo Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery

She claims that this is the only cosmetic surgery procedure she has undergone and denied the claims that she has undergone facial surgery to enhance her appearance.

However, Garofalo admits that she underwent a medically necessary facial surgery procedure in the past, which did not involve altering her facial features in any way. She says that she knows that plastic surgery can be appealing for celebrities but claims that she prefers to enhance her appearance with tattoos.

She claims to love all her fifteen tattoos.

However, there are many people who claim that Janeane Garofalo may have undergone a number of other cosmetic procedures throughout her career life. It is not easy to notice the difference in her appearance and you have to be very keen to notice traces of it in her recent photos.

Nonetheless, if you look at many of her recent photographs, you may notice the difference in her facial and general appearance. There are speculations that Janeane Garofalo may have undergone plastic surgery purely for other personal reasons other than improving her appearance.

The other cosmetic procedure that Garofalo may have undergone is Botox injections. This procedure left her looking younger. Her forehead is smooth and lacks wrinkles as would have been the case if no procedure had been done on her.

Botox injections introduce a chemical such as a collagen into the targeted area. In response, the skin stretches a little bit and this is what irons out wrinkles and lines. Botox injections also make the cheeks of a person look fleshy and full.

Janeane garofalo before

The other procedure that Janeane Garofalo may have undergone is liposuction. This procedure is usually carried out to get rid of unwanted fat. In the case of Garofalo, the area that was targeted was the area under her chin. This is what makes her face appear leaner than it previously was.

The facial appearance of Janeane Garofalo has not changed much. She has managed to maintain her natural appearance with small alterations that are both conservative and subtle.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Janeane Garofalo plastic surgery procedures have worked well for her. There are no negative before and after cosmetic surgery procedure pictures of this celebrity. She has achieved the results she wanted in a positive way and probably does not want to be one of the celebrities whose plastic surgery procedures have gone wrong.