Lauren HollyPlastic surgery in Hollywood is no longer news. Celebrities are getting procedures done as easily and quickly as buying candy.

We have all seen the good, the bad and the hideous results that pop up. However as much as it has become everyday news, got to admit that there is some thrill that is still associated with hearing about plastic surgery, either to laud the results or to laugh out loud about their botched up results. The good thing is that here we focusing on Lauren Michael Holly.

Very sure you know her, an actor who had her major debut more than twenty years ago. She has had roles in movies like the Dumb & Dumber and recurring role in TV series NCIS. After so many years in the spotlight, Hollywood plastic surgery craze finally got to her. Just to be clear, these aren’t speculations but facts.

Procedures done

In her role in The Town Christmas Forgot, it seemed that Lauren finally had her sexy back. Though back then she hid it, her whole outlook looked different and welcomed by her fans and haters.

Breast augmentation

This is basically the most obvious procedure that you notice in Lauren Holly. Her breasts are fuller and rounder. Their shape is just right that complements her total body appearance and measurements. She looks confident and doesn’t pass an opportunity to flaunt them.

She now dresses in a sexier yet elegant manner without going overboard. Her once sensitive feature is now one of the best strongholds that she has.

Lauren Holly breast implants before after

Lip implants

This was the most obvious change in her; Lauren Holly’s lips looked fuller and plucked. Her facial lip features in the movie suggested that she has had lip fillers to enable her to get the look. This changed the overall facial outlooks that made her almost unrecognizable. However, as different as she looked, she didn’t look bad.

Nose job

Judging by the before and after photos, Lauren Holly probably had a rhinoplasty. Lauren Holly’s nose was wider at the tip. Now, after nose job revision her nasal tip fits more with her bridge. Lauren Holly’s face from the nose down looks now different.

Botox injection

At her age, wrinkles and stress lines should be the norm, but that isn’t the case with Lauren. She is almost wrinkle-free. Her skin is tight and she has fillings in all the right areas. Her smoker winkers don’t betray her and she has no parenthesis around her mouth area and she looks better than she did ten years ago. The Botox injections seem to have justice as she now has a smoother more radiant appealing face.

Lauren Holly breast implants


Looking at her more closely, the skin that had started to sag just disappeared. Her eyebrows are much higher and her overall appearance is elegant and well put together.

Looking at her before and after photos, one can be amazed at how conservative and subtle that change was, that produced great results. This has proved to be a blessing as she now rocks a more youthful look having aged backward.

Though Lauren Holly has had plastic surgery it’s good that she hasn’t hidden it. It might have changed her whole appearance but she has managed to keep the natural look demeanor and it’s doing wonders especially for her on-screen and of screen self-confidence.

Who can claim it was the wrong decision?