Jonathan Cheban Plastic Surgery ControversyLife in Hollywood comes with its own packages which you must live with. As a superstar, you will be attracting attention from all the walks of life and people will be always on your toes trying to scrutinize all the details concerning you.

One such star who is currently experiencing the heat of Hollywood life is Jonathan Cheban. There are rumors and speculations that he might have gone under the knife so as to improve his physical looks and maintain a youthful look.

Maybe you are asking yourself who Jonathan Cheban is so let me introduce this gentleman to you. Jonathan is the CEO of the Command Public Relations firm.

He is also the founder of a popular website the These two titles which though sound big don’t merit to make him popular and that is why there is one more thing that has revealed the start out of him.

That is the close relationship that he has with the queen of socialites, Kim Kardashian.

Jonathan has made several appearances in Kim’s reality show making him gain some popularity.

Being under the limelight has brought Jonathan Cheban Plastic Surgery rumors as it did for many celebrities before him. The rumors became stronger after Jonathan made an appearance on the Celebrity Big Brother as a housemate. After the appearance, many people on social media started questioning his looks as the various features on his face appeared different than they were before.

Dermatologists have also added their voice into this hot topic with regards to the actor and have suggested that there are visible signs revealing that Jonathan Cheban has undergone cosmetic surgery.

Jonathan Cheban Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nose job

When you compare the shape of his nose before and how it is currently, you will observe that there are some notable differences. This is only possible if a rhinoplasty procedure has been done on the nose.

Initially, the bridge of his nose was somehow wide but now it is narrower. Also, the tip of his nose is sharper than the way it was before revealing that some artificial procedures might have been done on it.

Jonathan Cheban Before and After Plastic Surgery

Dermal Fillers

Looking at his face, the cheeks appear fuller and he also looks young and more lively. Apart from just having full and lifted cheeks, his chin is a bit sharper than it was before.

This can be the results of cheek lifts and dermal fillers such as Botox. Jonathan Cheban is 41 years old yet there are no visible signs revealing his age. His forehead is smooth without any wrinkles.

His sharper chin has been associated with a chin implant. Jonathan’s face looks firm and this could be possible because of using collagen-boosting treatment.

Jonathan Cheban Plastic Surgery Beforeand After3


There are also notable differences in the shape of his ears. It is possible that he might have undergone pinnaplasty so as to change the projection of his ears.

Being in an industry where you have to take care of your looks so as to maintain your charms on the audience, Jonathan Cheban plastic surgery might have considered in order to look younger.

He has not responded to any rumors linking him to plastic surgery while many of his close friends maintain that he is natural. With all the money that he has, doing all that he can to improve his looks won’t be a big deal.

Jonathan Cheban Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos