Priscilla PresleyMany people know of Priscilla Presley, the woman who was married to the king of rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley. An actress by profession, Priscilla Presley has over the years remained in the limelight due to her previous connection.

At 70 years old she has a great body and is still very active.

At the moment she lives in Los Angeles and back in the limelight due to her plastic surgery procedures.

Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Confession

For a long time, Priscilla Presley claimed that all she did was undergo Botox injections to keep her face fuller. However, after some time with the results turning from worst to utterly hideous she had to own up to the fact that she was addicted to them.

According to her statement, she enlisted the services of a phony doctor who is to be blamed for all her woes. These silicone injections undid all the natural beauty and gave her a puffy look.

Priscilla Presley Before And After Plastic Surgery

Media Speculation

Priscilla Presley owed up to and agreed to the media speculation that surrounded her looks after it was apparent that she could no longer fix her face.

Once hailed as a stylish woman whose natural beauty shone through, her remaining look is now a shell of what she used to look like.

It was obvious that she had decided to go under the knife in order to improve her look and instead just made everything seem so much worse than before.

Procedures are done?

Priscilla Presley has had many plastic procedures done on her body for the hope of holding on to her once outstanding youthful appearance.

Over time she has had cheek implants that gave completely changed her face outlook. She looked puffed up and they seemed was too large for her aging appearance.

She has also had a facelift to keep the skin especially at her face taunt and lose the sagging skin. This is also the case where she had a brow lift to help with the outlook of the eye that was apparently droopy.

Other procedures that she has done include collagen lip injection, chemical peel and Botox injections that have contributed to her whole puffy face that is not only irreversible but one of the worst choices she ever made.

Before and After Plastic Surgery

Having aged gracefully for some time, Priscilla Presley should have known that her body especially her face would not give the same results over the years. She is in the group of celebrities whose plastic surgery procedure went horribly wrong and they have to live with the disastrous results.

Quite frankly it is so bad that the majority of the time she looks frozen. That is she is seen with the same facial expression regardless of whether she is angry or smiling.

The botched up plastic surgery procedure has aged her significantly. Looking at the before and after photos, one can’t help but admit that she looked way better without going under the knife.

It seems that she has forever lost her natural beauty and enchanting smile, one of the best examples of why one should not indulge in plastic surgery procedures.