Kate BeckinsaleKathrin Romary Beckinsale, popularly known as Kate Beckinsale, is a 41 years old British actress and model who was born in London in 1973. She became an actress even before she graduated from the prestigious Oxford University, in the 1990s, from where she never got her degree.

Since moving to the United States, Kate has enjoyed major success in the silver screen, starring in blockbuster movies such as “Pearl Harbor”, “The Aviator”, “Click” and a host of action films.

While her glory days are now gone, having crossed the age of 40, Kate career is still flourishing, and she’s still a constant feature both on the big screens and red carpet events, where she always looks glowing and beautiful despite her age, fueling any possible Kate Beckinsale plastic surgery gossip.

Looking at before and after pictures from her younger days as an aspiring British actress, starring in period soaps, it is easy to tell that Kate has had a change of style and a Hollywood makeover, at the very least.

However, some go much further than that, pointing out changes in her features which support Kate Beckinsale plastic surgery theories.

The list of possible surgeries Kate may have had is almost endless and varies according to who you ask, but the consensus is that whatever she had done was very successful and she looks her best. One of the most popular among Kate Beckinsale plastic surgery rumors is that of a nose job.

Comparing before and after photos, you can see a difference in her nose, which looks narrower and more elegant, suggesting that she might have had a very successful rhinoplasty.

Kate Beckinsale Before And After Plastic Surgery

In addition, her nose, her teeth, and chin also look much more refined and beautiful, suggesting that the actress probably had some work done there, including teeth whitening and a gum reduction.

As for the Kate Beckinsale plastic surgeries suggesting she has had filler injections on her lips and breast implants, both rumors are debatable, particularly the latter, since her chest size seems to have changed several times, suggesting that the bigger breasts might be the result of an illusion rather than a boob job.

Kate Beckinsale has not confirmed any cosmetic surgery rumors, and she has even commented that her beauty is all natural. Some would be inclined to agree, if not for her suspiciously smooth and youthful skin, which has even looked slightly frozen and wax-like at times, suggesting a very well-done, yet not completely successful Botox treatment may have taken place.

The fact remains that Kate Beckinsale is a beautiful and successful actress who is loved by men and envied by women, whether she has had any surgery or not.

And if she did have any cosmetic procedures done, most people, whether fans, media or critics alike, would be inclined to give the surgeon their congratulations, because this actress looks her best at 41 years old, and is managing to look youthful while aging somewhat gracefully and retaining her main features, which is something most women, famous or anonymous, would love to achieve at her age.