Park Min YoungPark Min Young is a highly decorated Korean actress who is best known for her role in city hunter and ‘Sunkyunkwan Scandal’ both of which are televised Korean shows.

The beautiful actress who was born in 1986 had her big break after appearing in an SK Telecom commercial something that she can actually document her success to, after which her doors were opened and she has been in drama series from then on.

Plastic surgery rumors

Year after year the changes seen in Park Min Young physically have been reported by both the mainstream media and various blogs. In the reports, everything points out to plastic surgery, especially when before and after photos are compared.

However, unlike many people, the physical changes seen with the Park Min Young plastic surgery seem to be going on well with her as she is prettier.

Double eyelid surgery

The first Park Min Young plastic surgery had when she was back in junior high school. On questions asked if this was true, she admitted stating that she wanted to look prettier. She went ahead and even talked about her mother’s acceptance to enhance her appearance. In the plastic surgery, she had her eyelids opened wider, so that she can spot bigger eyes after which she started being picked for commercials.

Jaw augmentation

Park Min Young plastic surgery also involves some jaw augmentation. This was done to remove her double chin and to straighten her jawline more. With her previous fleshly face not giving her the look she wanted, she ensured that it would be cut out and now adorns a more angular jaw from her previous photos.

Park Min Young Before And After Plastic Surgery

Cheek implants

Botox and missing laugh lines are something that has not missed from Park Min Young face. This can be attributed to the cheek implants she seems to have gotten.

With the before and after photos it can be seen that she had a number of botox session, as her facial expressions cannot be seen in a number of red carpet appearances. With the higher cheek she has gotten she has scored a number of modeling contracts.

However, when asked about the cheek implants she stated that she has not had any and that plastic surgery is a personal choice.

Rhinoplasty job

In before photos Park Min Young is seen to have had a nose job.

From her earlier years, she has a wider and flatter nose that seemed to fill her face area and was very noticeable.

However even though a small change has been done the nose is sharper than and not as wide as it used to be, making her more appealing.

Acceptance of plastic surgery rumors

In recent times when Park Min Young appears in talk shows she has accepted the fact that she had plastic surgery as she didn’t feel all that beautiful. With the competition back to back, she seems to have found the fountain of beauty in the name of plastic surgery.

However, with the move of having plastic surgery having worked on her, she has fans that see her as a goddess hopefully this is the last time before things go wrong under the knife next time.