Rob Lowe plastic surgeryThere is no doubt that Rob Lowe was among the most handsome celebrities in the entertainment industry until something happened to his looks.

Gossips about Rob Lowe plastic surgery have become one of the trending topics in most media houses and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Just like other celebrities who have come out to deny rumors about plastic surgery, Rob Lowe has defended his looks severally.

The Rob was looking great until 2013 when his appearance change all of a sudden. This has left many of us curious about his lips, nose, and chin among others.

A number of surgeons have attributed the changes to wrong surgery procedures. Comparing his pictures before and after the rumors came out; you can see clearly that Rob Lowe looks different. One of the probable surgery procedures undertaken by this high-ranking actor could be an overdose of Botox injections, jaw as well as lip surgeries.

Despite being 49 years of age, Rob’s face has no single sign of aging like wrinkles when you compare him to his peers. This makes rumors about Botox injections worth listening.

If you will find a time, look at his forehead carefully. You will notice that it looks as smooth as porcelain even when you see him smiling. The other probable surgery procedure responsible for his youthful and radiant looking face is Rhinoplasty. If you have never seen Rob before you may not notice that something is not right with his nose even after looking at his photographs.

In fact, if you were thinking about the best plastic surgeon we would advise you to consult him unless the Rob Lowe plastic surgery is a rumor from nowhere.

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After 2

The past pictures of Rob show a bigger nose than the current one. How do you expect a nose to become smaller with time when nothing has taken place? A clear examination at the tip and bridge of his nose tells something must have happened to his body.

Although Rob and his surgeon may be the only people who know the truth about his surgery, speculations about his nose job and what happened to his looks will not end any soon.


We cannot ignore the possibilities of eyelid surgery considering the great difference in the appearance of his eyes.

Unlike in the past, Rob’s eyes do not have sagging skin, as we would have expected from him.

Furthermore, his chin looks bigger and different as shown by the visual distance between them and his lower lips.

In conclusion, despite denying rumors about plastic surgery, Rob Lowe is no longer the handsome looking celebrity we used to know. Although his skin has no signs of aging like his peers in the form of wrinkles among others, we feel that he was looking better some time back.

To confirm this, simply examine some of the pictures taken by the celebrities before 2013 and compare them with those taken recently including today, if there is any, you will realize that the Rob who was there in 2013 is no longer the man you will meet today if you went looking for him.