Leah MillerLeah Miller is famously known as an actress, TV personality and former worker for the Much Music as a VJ and a host for the So You Think You Can Dance show as well as a correspondent for e-talk.

She is famous in the celebrities circles including having participated in the prank show Punk’d. She has a mass following of fans who admire her career and talent but in the recent times, many of her fans have been doubtful of her newly acquired looks while many others have been thinking that she went for the surgeon’s knife.

Leah Miller plastic surgery has received a lot of reviews and as media speculations state she is not as natural as she used to be. There are slight changes in her facial appearance and many believe she had a number of different other procedures such as Botox injections, nose job, breast augmentation, lips implants, and eyelid surgery.

A look at her before and after pictures tells it all. There are great challenges if you look keenly to notice the changes that she has undergone over the years. Celebrity rumors magazines indicate that she went for a facelift since the curves of her face are now more angular as compared to the previous looks.

Through Botox implants, her face is now swollen and through her famous eyelid surgery, she now has cat appearances. Many believe that she is not as beautiful as compared to her early natural looks and claim that she should serve as a good example of celebs whose plastic surgery did not work at all. A look at her reviews shows that many of her fans continue to wonder why she opted to change her looks and yet she is naturally beautiful.

Leah Miller facelift

Though there aren’t any cosmetic repairs after her plastic surgery, many people can tell the difference and some changes that cannot easily happen naturally. Many people claim that she even went for cheek lifts due to her unusual smile in recent times. Her lips also were augmented so that she can acquire such kind of a smile. Many people rely on her early claims that she did not like her cheeks and smile and therefore she could have opted to go for changes.

Celebrity rumors columns have clearly stated that she went for breast augmentation that did not just work positively. Her breasts are not well proportional and now she is somehow not happy with her looks due to the poor plastic procedure.

Leah Miller before and after Botox implants

There are those who believe that Leah Miller plastic surgery came as a result of great pressure to remain in the limelight and trying hard to outdo many of her competitors in order to occupy the celebrity lines in Canadian media for quite long.

The celebrity born in 1981 is still young and should try the best to maintain her looks and avoid more surgeries since they have many side effects that may affect her looks. Rumors state that she has been disparaging the claims that she went for the expensive surgeon’s knife in order to change her looks.