hillary-clinton-plastic-surgery-controversyThe Democratic candidate running for president, Hillary Clinton has hit the ground running in her campaigns as she tries to convince voters why they should elect her the first female president of the United States.

She is a beautiful and graceful lady by all standards and speculation is that she has undergone plastic surgery, well, the jury is out there on that but one cannot ignore the subtle or visible changes she has gone through.

She was the first thrust into the spotlight when she was the first lady in 1993, she has accumulated quite a lot of exposure and press. Her controversial stint as Secretary of State in the US and her various works with the Clinton Foundation have made her a news item for the last two decades or so.

Her candidature for president is the peak of her impressive career and while others will be observing the politics others will be looking hints on a possible Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery.

Plastic surgeons approached on the subject observed that Clinton has had Botox injections and facelift.

The 69-year-old politician has managed to keep her face fresh and smooth. She has removed excessive skin accumulation which comes with age and she has minimized the wrinkles on her face a great deal.

Her face glows and looks tight as a result of rhytidectomy which involves facial toning where ski is redraped on the face and neck.


This cosmetic procedure is affirmed by a plastic surgeon, one Dr. Susan Evans who observes that she has had face and neck lift as well as upper eyelid surgery which is all involved in rhytidectomy.

Dr. Evans continues by saying that she likely used Botox injections and infused Vitamin A in her facial skin to make it look plumper. Another surgeon, Dr. Salhauzer, agrees with her counterpart that Hillary laser resurfacing many have been used to tighten her face removing wrinkles.

They both concur that her facial cosmetic surgery was pretty successful noting that it appears natural.


Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery seems to have focused on her face with another plastic surgeon noting that she has seemed to have numerous fillers around her eyes and around her mouth.

There is no loose skin around her chin and jaws as she used to have by using ultra therapy. While she cannot possibly comment on her advanced looks, the author of Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary Clinton, Ed Klein sensationally claims that Bill asked his wife to get a facelift ahead of the presidential race.

That he wanted her to do something about her sagging skin and fine lines.

Klein goes ahead to quite one of Hillary’s friends as saying that the plastic surgery was a big deal and that she wanted it done at their home with the latest medical equipment.


The claims of Ed Klein in his book have been rubbished by the Clinton camp who denied most events in the book took place, particularly on the plastic surgery.

The buzz around Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery proves that it is not only celebrities who are concerned with their looks, politicians too thrive in prim and proper looks to appeal to their audiences.

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos