Vivica FoxVivica Fox is an American actress and TV producer aged 50 who is best known for her roles in films like Independence Day, Set It Off and Soul Food. While there is no doubting about her beauty, she is also known for her ponytail and fashion sense.

Born in South Bend Indiana, Fox moved to California to attend college and that is when her acting career slowly took off.

We all know that finding a single person in Hollywood that has not undergone plastic surgery would be as hard as it is to find a drop of water in the desert.

However, day in and day out more and more people jump on the list with new additions and adjustments but in a world where money and looks mean everything you would not expect anything different.

The one person that has had Hollywood and everyone else talking is Vivica Fox who for a long time has been known for her beauty but it now looks like she just shed some major years to hit her youth again.

In a recent appearance, it was evident that Fox had some cosmetic procedures and they are not one or two. This is also very evident from the before and after photos that show quite the difference between how Vivica looks right now and what she looked a while back.

One of the main features that have seen Vivica considered so sexy over the years is because of her breasts. However, even though she is almost hitting her 50s, her breasts look tighter and rounder than ever. Further evidence of her boob job can be seen by comparing her before and after pics where she is seen to have bigger boobs than she had before.

In fact, that is so big they look a little awkward for her petite body but for the fans, they are just great. Even the critics are not complaining so it is definitely a win for her.

Vivica Fox Before And After Plastic Surgery

There were also nose job rumors but a close look at her before and after pics show that her nose definitely did get a few twitches here and there.

Before the nose job her nose was bulbous and had a less low nasal bridge but in recent times, she is somehow wide in the lower nasal and less bulbous as well. This is yet another of her plastic surgeries that have been done impeccably well and no one can complain.

Well normally, women of African American descent have well-endowed and defined lips but you can’t help but notice that in Vivica’s case, they must have gotten a boost along the way. Recently, her lips looked plumper and better defined than they have ever been and this has led to a lot of speculation that she did go under the knife and well the results are quite nice too.

Even though she is about to hit her 50s, we have to say that she is either becoming finer with time or it is truly going under the knife is doing her a lot of good as it is evident for most people.