Tyra Banks is known for her famous The Tyra Banks Banks Show that aired and her hit show America’s Next Top Model. It is a long-running show she created and run from 2003. She was a model from the year 1991 to 2005, a time that she did not only get involved modeling but also expanded her avenues to acting, producing and business. Becoming one of the most successful tv personalities with a net worth of over $ 90 Million. In this article we will talk about Tyra’s career and Tyra Banks Nose Job rumors.

When the Tyra Banks Nose Job Rumors Started?

One thing that has attracted many fans to her and kept her popular with this fans is her beauty. The 44 years old has been one of the most beautiful faces on American television up until now. From when she began her career in 1991, almost 27 years ago. She was beautiful and how she has maintained her looks. One thing that most of her fans believed is that her looks were natural. Although she has never supported or criticized the procedure, it was just assumed she hadn’t done. Surgery experts have also never seen any evidence to support any allegation that she has had the procedure.

Known for her slogan; Beauty is unfair, Tyra Banks has been in the headlines once again and it’s no surprise that it is for her beauty. Although the black beauty has been thought to be as pure as they come, she has come out admitting that she has had secretly had plastic surgery. Tyra Banks nose job has been the headline and its no secret, she has admitted to having the procedure.

What Tyra Had to Say About It

Tyra Banks has come out and admitted that she secretly had a nose job. Tyra Banks nose job is something she has seen coming since she was 3 years. In an interview, Tyra admitted that she had an accident. She broke her nose and found no reason to go to the hospital since it didn’t hurt. She added that since then her nose had always been growing sideways. Concerned it would be an issue she visited a doctor who assured her she did not need a surgery since the injury didn’t affect her breathing.

However, encouraged by her makeup artist, she decided to go for plastic surgery. The surgery that has effectively changed the way she looks. When she came clean about the procedure, she also admitted that she had the procedure back when she was just new to modeling and not many people knew Tyra. This just means that what most thought they thought about the tv personality and model wasn’t entirely true. It was a lie based on the truth.

Before and After

No photos have emerged to show how the superstar looked before the accident. Most of the pictures found online coming from the age of three and from when she was in modeling. This makes it hard to know if whatever she has now is anything like the original nose she had, but what she has now is frankly good and maybe better than before. As other nose procedures have shown, the procedure can make the nose trimmer. Nose looks redefined and the tip more lined, all qualities of Tyra Banks nose as we know it.

Tyra Banks Nose Job comes as a surprise that no one ever had the faintest idea but what comes as no surprise is the fact that she had it done. She has always been outspoken on whatever platform she has been. Also, she showed she was a modern and progressive woman. What a better to show this for a tv personality but having some work done and coming out and admitting to the procedure?


Now with her secret out, she has put to rest the rumor. All that she has done some face lifting and botox which she says she has not done yet. She has, however, not closed the book on this. Tyra says she is open to a judgment-free dialogue, acknowledging she has no judgment over the ones who have already done it. She herself says she has many tricks to always be as beautiful as ever. That includes temporary and permanent tricks. From this we can only guess that temporary means makeup and permanent go to cosmetic surgery. A clear message that she is open to an uplift. Meanwhile, she still holds it together and is beautiful as ever and maybe cosmetic surgeries will be seen as she gets closer to her 50’s.