Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery ControversyEveryone knows him as the reigning King of Pop. The late Michael Jackson was more than a man, he was a legend. He established a music career that spanned over 4 decades. During his career, he amassed a total of 13 Grammy awards and 26 American Music Awards.

His name became synonymous with dancing and singing. He sold hundreds of millions of records and created a huge fortune. As an entertainer, no one was better than Michael. However, he had some pretty public issues with his appearance. He is often recognized as the man who was born black but died white.

This is the story of Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery.


Michael Jackson underwent a series of rhinoplasties in his lifetime. Also known as nose jobs, he went under the knife multiple times so as to change the shape of his nose.

He visited the plastic surgeon for a nose job four times. In his autobiography titled Moonwalk, Michael alleges that he only did 2 nose jobs in his life.

He says that he got the first one to correct an injury to his nose that he sustained after an accident during a dance rehearsal. He also adds that he got the second one to expand his nostrils since he couldn’t breathe well after the first nose job.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Transformation

The dimple on his chin

Some found it charming and others found it ridiculous. Michael went under the surgeon’s knife and got a dimple on his chin.

Many don’t know why he decided to do this but he mentions it in his autobiography. This nose-jobs are the only facial plastic surgery jobs that Michael mentions in his autobiography.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Disaster

His skin

This is the most epic and easily recognizable alteration that Michael ever did. He turned himself from a handsome, black entertainer to a completely white worldwide megastar. Ever since he was young, Michael had an obsession with being white.

He wanted to look Caucasian. Some rumors indicate that he was like this because his father, Joe Jackson would often put Michael down for being black. So when Michael made his first millions, he began the process of turning white and he went all the way.

He used skin bleaching creams as well as high tech methods to turn himself completely white.

Here are allegations that Michael suffered from vitiligo. This is a disease where dark skin starts to turn white. It begins as specks of pale skin and spreads to cover large areas on the body.

In this theory, Michael decided to turn himself completely white so that the vitiligo could not be seen on his body.

Some critics say that the creams that Michael used to turn lighter are the ones that actually caused him to get vitiligo.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

His Eyebrows

In the year 2003, a popular plastic surgeon indicated on ABC news that he thought Michael had got a brow lift. Also known as a forehead lift, this is a cosmetic surgery procedure where the ridge of the eyebrows is lifted.

This makes the eyebrows appear like they are higher than they normally should be. Michael was a sensation and will never be forgotten. His cosmetic surgeries are still a wonder to behold.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos