Meg RyanA lot of celebrities have been seen to perform plastic surgeries to enhance their image in the public eye. Plastic surgery has become a normal thing among celebrities and the general public across the world. This article focuses on Meg Ryan plastic surgery.

Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra who is both an actress as well as a producer was born on 19th November 1961. She was married to Dennis Quaid from 1991-2001 when they officially separated. Meg Ryan had one child with him and later adopted another child. She saw the limelight when she managed to acquire the leading role of the famous movie “When Harry met Sally”.

It is so unfortunate that Meg Ryan plastic surgery has been recorded as one of the plastic surgery disasters. The actress is linked with several plastic surgeries such as lip implants, Botox injections, cheek modification, eye surgery, brow lift, and neck lift. These are concluded to have happened because when one compares her before and after pictures, all these plastic surgeries check out.

Her lips appear all swollen as compared to her before pictures. When it comes to her eyes, she seems stretched back. The eyes appear as if they have been pulled slanted when comparing to her before pictures. The evidence of a neck lift is due to the fact that she does not have any sagging skin that comes with old age.

Meg Ryan is past 50 yet she does not have any evidence of hanging skin on her neck. This is a definite indicator of a neck lift. The presence of Botox injections is seen by the fact that her face does not have wrinkles and old related signs. Her skin is also tighter.

Meg Ryan Before And After Plastic Surgery

What has not been done on her is breast argumentation. At least not yet when you compare her before and after photos. As seen, Meg Ryan plastic surgery has been recorded as one of the worst surgeries. This is because she looked better before than right now after the surgeries.

Need for more fame may have driven her to perform all these surgeries. However, a lot of criticism has been seen across social media suggesting that she should not have performed the surgeries. This is because she had a very natural beauty before.

It is evident that even Meg Ryan was not okay with her new looks. This is because she was seen avoiding idle chitchat and pictures from paparazzi. She has been seen not to appear in awards and the red carpet in general.

It has also been documented that Meg Ryan has not given a big interview for a period of five years. It is said that Meg Ryan was emotionally shaken by the break up with her husband.

Rumors say that this might be one of the reasons that pushed her to perform some of the plastic surgeries. Meg has never commented on any of her performed plastic surgeries.

Meg Ryan plastic surgery mistake definitely impacted her self-esteem. This is after she received a lot of criticism after the lip implants. Her career took a nosedive as film roles stopped coming her way. However, she says she is focused on her family and a new love of her life.