Danii MinogueDannii Minogue the X factor show judge and TV and radio personality is surely one piece of plastic surgery art.

The Australian singer and songwriter is also the sister of former singer Kylie Minogue and the two seem to be familiar in just about everything including going under the knife. Looking stunning on the cover of Playboy,

Dannii did what most celebrities would not do expose their plastic surgery on a cover without any makeup on.

Dannii Minogue facelift

Just like many celebrities always on the limelight, Dannii monologue does believe in botox injections. This was clearly revealed on her first appearances to the X-factor show, coming out saying that she had a few botox injections to enhance her appearance stating that it is a personal choice but had to stop.

She based her decision claiming that she needed to have facial expressions to be a judge, which makes a lot of sense. However, she then decided that she needed a more permanent look that will make her seem more real to the cameras and thus decided to go under the knife. Seeing that her eyebrows and face have both undergone a lift, with a tighter forehead. It is safe to say that her plan worked.

However, the only bad thing is that her face seems so tight it looks like it’s about to rip and becomes shiny so fast. Looking at her she doesn’t even seem to have aged a day, one might just get the idea that all that botox and the numerous surgeries were worth it.

Breast implants

It’s pretty obvious that Dannii did go for a boob job to save her on the places she didn’t seem favored her. When asked about what she thought of her newly acquired asset she is quoted saying that she isn’t too happy with it but it’s already done.

However, you just can’t help but appreciate the attractiveness that the new set of boobs gives to her appearance. This may just be her best feature so far.

Danii Minogue Before And After Lip Augmentation

Nose job

This is one of the few things that Dannii always seems to refuse to have happened. Looking at her before photos you can clearly see that she has a wider and a rounder tip which wasn’t too flattering. However, the more recent look clearly shows a huge difference with her nose being more pointed and pinched with a sharp corner at the top. This look completely changed her appearance in which some think is better. However, even though she still keeps refusing that she has undergone plastic surgery the difference in the photos says it all.

Lip augmentation

Judging by the number of photos Dannii has taken recently, you can be sure that Dannii is glad about her lip plastic surgery. With her previous lips being too thin to match with her personality, Dannii now has fuller and more plumped likes to match her personality with her looks.

With so many people looking like plastic dolls after undergoing so many plastic surgeries, it can truly be said without any bias that Dannii Minogue does look beautiful at 42.

One can only hope that the next time she does go under the knife it won’t be a total disaster.