Mira Sorvino is one of the great names in the Hollywood industry for over two decades. She has featured in several television shows and films such as Mighty Aphrodite. Mira additionally developed an interest in human right issues through amnesty international. The Oscar winner is not only beautiful but distinguishingly talented. She has won several other best supporting character awards such as academy awards, and Golden Globe awards for her intriguing and captivating performance.The sensational character has been linked to several rumors relating to plastic surgery. Mira Sorvino Plastic Surgery rumors are not in vain as the star has elucidated a shift in appearance, though gradual in her face, bust line, jawline as well as her nose. The differences in appearance have become a hot topic of Hollywood gossips.

Is Mira Sorvino Plastic Surgery Just a Gossip?

Several fans and followers, as well as industry experts, believe that the Italian beauty, daughter of Sorvino, who was known for his starring role as an antagonist gangster had numerous surgeries done to her over a span of time. The most obvious sign of a radical change in appearance is exemplified by the miraculous disappearance of wrinkles in her face line.

The new beauty in her face implies a Botox. There has been a suggestion that she also flocks different face fillers. Her new face is tighter, rigid, young and smooth despite her age. The Botox works have made her new smile eclectic, tight and rigid. Quite certainly also, Mira Sorvino Plastic Surgery involved a breast argumentation. What else can explain an increase in cup size? Her breast line has grown bigger, though it doesn’t seem to topple over, and she still walks steadily.

List of Procedures

In addition, the movie and film star, now aged 50 years, appears to have had a very successful lips enhancement surgery. She looks better with full lips, which suggests the likelihood of lips injection.  This explains the better and magnetic smile that she has been rocking since she won the Oscars. The celebrity is perhaps, going by the rumors a regular plastic surgeon client. There is a possibility that this involves a nose job from time to time. Looking at the photos down the history plane, a slight, beautiful and gradual change in her nose is clearly visible.

Perhaps the most discussed of her surgery endeavor involves a chin implant. Looking at her photos through the two decades, she seems to be aging quite well, appearing from better to best in her jawline. The jawline is more defined, and less
pointed, compared to some decades ago when she was starting her successful career. The star has neither denied nor confirmed the rumors. Her aides are also mum on the issue despite the fact that the gossips have been awash in WOT and other social media sites and plastic surgery blogs. Does it suggest anything? It is hard to tell, but on the occasion that the rumors are true, no one can tell this for sure.

Before And After

Plastic surgery experts, however, believe that the truth that the star had some works is above board and plausible. One such surgeon, DR. Shaffer points out numerous radical changes that only seem to confirm the rumors. She points out the change in her lips and jawline as sacrosanct signs that the star underwent some knife job. His views were also echoed by one Paul Nassif, also an expert in plastic surgery field, who pointed out that the star most likely had a rhinoplasty as well as a chin work was done to her. He rejected the possibility of an eye job. She attributed the chin job to prejowl implant.


It is possible that the star had a series of enhancements done to her face and her breast. But she still is beautiful and looks natural which makes the whole rumor story remain a mystery and paradox. Some of her jobs such as lips enhancement are hard to tell, and the wrinkled disappearance can be linked to successful cosmetology. One can never tell for sure about the increase in her bustier line as she could be rocking a bigger cup size bra. Nevertheless, one thing remains constant amidst the Mira Sorvino Plastic Surgery rumours. The star is more beautiful and well suited for her camera job than in the past.