Whitney Cummings is an American actress, comedian, and producer. Her most notable work is being the creator of 2 broke girls. It was a comedy shown that aired from 2011 to 2017, Feeling our tv rooms with joy and laughter. Before this, she was involved in another sitcom, Whitney that aired between 2011-2013. Also, many more shows which she has either been involved as an actress, writer or producer. Although this gifted woman was always attractive, her fans cant help notice her sudden change in appearance. For fans who’ve watched her on and off the screen for years have recently noticed has changed and transformed into an entirely new one. So, Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery. is it true or just rumors?

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Gossips

Whitney Cummings plastic surgery rumor has been a major talk with many contrasting stories. While some sources believe that she went under the knife. Her defenders remain adamant that it is weight gain. She has also come out to say that she has merely gained weight “like 25 lbs” to quote her. Something that has filled her and led people to believe she had a facelift. In an interview, Cummings explained that she believed in a world where girls were only encouraged to lose weight, no one was really gaining and when one did, they look so different, leading people to believe that it is a facelift.

For most of her fans, this was enough of an explanation for the sudden changes. But the more perceptive lot still had questions. What about that glowing skin? Well, in her interview she attributed this to a new LED machine that she bought online. This machine that she has had for 3months is the reason she looks tanned and her skin is glowing. The machine is also the reason her skin is lifted and tightened. Since most of us don’t know this machine, we think its a facelift. She Cannot  judge us for that, now can she?The filled up face, tighter skin and glowing skin all amounts to a younger looking Whitney Cummings and although she is 32 years now, she can easily pass for a 25-year-old.

What Whitney Has To Say About It?

According to Whitney, she has used a new strategy that allows her to look her best. She noted she didn’t look her best and by gaining weight and adding to her face, she would look much better than her skinny version. Even though her fans are torn between those who believe this is just fat and the ones who believe Whitney Cummings plastic surgery rumor is true. One thing that all her fans agree on is that she looks far much better. Regardless of the strategy employed, the results justify the means.

A New Face For The New Gigs

Her new changes come just in time for her new HBO comedy special release. Of course,he is expected to be all over the country filming gigs. This is a perfect time for her to show the new face. Also a good time for people to really judge and put to bed Whitney Cummings plastic surgery rumor. Cosmetic surgeons and experts who’ve weighed in believe that her story adds up given that there are no signs of any attempt to alter her natural face. There is no evidence of the knife or of any part of her face being altered. If it was indeed plastic surgery, the work must have been masterful and the work too subtle to be noticed.

Most celebrities will opt to have plastic surgery to fill their face but Whitney has surprised many by using a tactic that many would never opt and quite frankly many have never thought about. Although taking on a few pounds comes with a hefty price which is you compromise other parts of you which also fill up, it fills up the face and if this is what you desire, it is an effective option.


Taking up weight calls for boldness and Whitney has proven ready to take on the task. She has not given her stand on going under the knife but given her choice of strategy in filling up her face, we have a pretty good idea. It is definitely not her first choice of answer to changing her appearance but maybe another few years and we might get to know. For now, the question is, is ignoring her diet as good as the knife?