Mischa Barton Plastic Surgery ControversyMischa Barton is a highly talented British-American television, movie and theatre actress as well as occasional model who continue to make significant changes in her career.

She started as a young talented teen in the Tony Kushner’s Slavs and later took a lead role James Lapine’s Twelve Screams. She has appeared in a number of films including Lawn Dogs, Notting Hill, The Sixth Sense and Pups.

Rumors have been spreading like bush fire about her love for the surgeon’s knife.

Mischa Barton Plastic Surgery allegations indicate that the 30-year-old celebrity could have so far undergone several procedures and this is evident in her current photos that show a lot of differences when compared to her before looks.

Mischa Barton Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

What happened to her natural looks? According to our speculations, Mischa is now a shell of her former self.

She is no longer appealing at all. Something is terribly wrong. Media speculations indicate that the celebrity went for a facelift surgery that turned out to work negatively.

She is not the person you can now admire. She is still young, at 30, but looking so old. The choice of her facelift surgery completely affected her once natural cute face. She may have admired to look more cute and perfect, but now look at the results. She has nothing you can admire about. She is not even confident enough to walk in the public.

She fears paparazzi and their cameras like hell. Rumors have it that Mischa went for the expensive maxillofacial surgery that did not work well with her face.

This is a type of surgery that is usually done by highly qualified and professional experienced surgeons to correct a wide spectrum of diseases, defects, injuries and other emerging issues on the face, head, neck, jaws and all other soft tissues of the maxillofacial region.

Mischa Barton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Reviews indicate that she could have gone for this type of surgery and look at the results now.

She always had a minor condition on her face, but now the result of her surgery is not appealing at all. While this is not enough, she is rumored to have flown all the way to Korea in an effort to enhance her nose in preparation for her new big deal in the limelight sometime back. A look at her current photos shows that her face has changed; she seems to struggle with certain postures to avoid looking funny due to the surgery that did not go well.

Media speculations reveal that she could have also worked on increasing her breast size and admit that they now look rounder. This is something that Mischa has not been able to admit.

She refutes the claims and says that everyone should mind their own business as she cares less of what people have to say about her life.

Mischa Barton Before and After Weight Loss

Facts show that she has completely changed. Her face is totally different.

Though she could have gone for the surgery to solve some serious health issues on her head or to treat some injuries, we would want to admit that Mischa Barton Plastic Surgery is one of the celebrities’ poorly done procedure.

Mischa Barton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos