Kenny-RogersKenny Rogers who is one of the biggest and longest living country music names was born on 21st August 1938. He is famous for his track like “The Gambler” and other duets performed with other artists like Dolly Parton such as “Islands in the stream”.

Unlike the cliché rugged look possessed by most men in the country music world, Kenny looked different. He openly admits to having undergone plastic surgery procedures even if he was not pleased by some of the outcomes.

 Of course, for any person his age, Kenny Rogers plastic surgery was mainly aimed at giving him a youthful look. Something most of the stars at his time craved for. Most of the procedures he underwent would make a long list including the one he did on his face to eliminate wrinkles around his eyes and forehead.

Taking to the knife for the first time in 1990, it must have been a plastic surgery gone wrong for a celebrity. In 1997 when Kenny went back under the knife, he had married a woman almost 29 years younger. Kenny Rogers plastic surgery was aimed at making him look like he belonged with his younger wife even if he had already hit his 50’s. He was quoted saying “I didn’t want to be an old man with this young girl. I didn’t want to look like an old man.”

This had to be one of the wrong choices he had made. He did not like the outcome of the procedure. He had wished he had rather not had the surgery because his original eyes were much warmer.


The results of this surgery had made his eyes look a little tighter than expected. In addition to that, his eyes had a pop look and the skin on his face a stretched to have a plastic appearance. He said he had got in to get his eyes done but he wasn’t happy with the outcome.

Kenny Rogers plastic surgeon was going to try and fix the mistake for him as he had claimed. This procedure got him thinking that if he had a second chance at anything in life, it would be reconsidering ever doing these procedures.

He then admits that in any case, his surgeon will not be able to fix the fault. He would be better off regret he ever did it or better still get used to it.


Eventually, Kenny was pleased with the results of his bad surgery which had been done at a time when his original skin had begun to loosen up. Ten years later, his skin has started to look more natural and youthful perhaps from the healing of the bad procedure.

Besides the eye job, Kenny Rogers plastic surgery procedures are believed to have included a facelift, an eye lift, a brow lift, and some Botox injections.

Perhaps, in the long run, basing from his before and after pictures, Kenny Rogers plastic surgery might have gone wrong but not till the end. Looking at him today, especially for someone in his late sixties, he has a good tale to tell about his procedures.