Nicole Kidman after plastic surgeryThe elegant Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu Hawaii to parents who are Australian, Anthony (a clinical psychologist and a biochemist) and Janelle Kidman who was a nursing instructor.

Since her breakthrough role in the thriller Dead Calm in 1989, she has since built a solid career for herself as a singer, film producer, and an actress. However, with fame, there comes scrutiny from all sides and is therefore understandable why most celebrities prefer to go under the knife in order to maintain their youth as well as looks.

All this so that they can remain in the limelight and still be relevant in their very demanding careers.

However, though most celebrities turn to cosmetic procedures to try and turn the hands of time backward, not all of these procedures go as planned. Nicole Kidman plastic surgery may also be termed as a failure or success depending on how you look at it.

There are many cosmetic procedures that Nicole Kidman is rumored to have undergone. Let’s have a look at some of them and be the judge of whether there are any truths behind the rumors.

Judging by the before and after pictures of the celebrity, a facelift is one of the possible procedures she underwent. From her recent pictures, her face looks a little bit tighter and is free of frown lines, signs that she might have undergone a procedure to get rid of the signs aging.

Though she might have wanted her face to look a little bit more natural, her attempts didn’t turn out wholly as she wanted.

Nicole Kidman before and after plastic surgery facelift, botox, lip implants

Apart from having the facelift, Botox treatment is another cosmetic procedure that she is rumored to have undergone. Not only her face free of wrinkles, but it is also shiny, an indication that Kidman must have undergone procedures to get rid of the wrinkles.

The skin also looks tighter and fuller which opens up the possibilities of chemicals such as Juvederm and Restylane have been injected.

As you age, the vitality and lusciousness of the lips that define the youthful stage of life fade away.

However, Nicole Kidman had lip augmentation to make sure that would remain as they were even while she ages. Kidman’s lips look fuller for her age.

Nicole Kidman breast implants before and after plastic surgery pictures

Most women and for the most part celebrities love their bodies to be complemented by a perfect bust. However, not every lady is lucky enough to have the ideal bust.

As a result, many celebrities opt to get breast implants. And Nicole Kidman is clearly one of the celebrities who has had this procedure. The before and after pictures are proof enough that her bust has considerably increased from a cup size of A to C.

While breasts can with time grow larger the tightness and sudden enlargement that Nicole’s breast had can only be explained by breasts enlargement.

nicole kidman breast augmentation photos

These are some of the rumors that are doing rounds on the internet. Others are such as a nose job and cheek implants.

Looking at Nicole Kidman plastic surgery, depending on how you like her new look, could have been a success or a failure.

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