Diane KeatonAmong the women who have left big marks in the face of Hollywood, Diane Keaton is among them. She was an actress with a talented unique style could not be compared to anyone else.

Because of this, she was such a darling to many movie films and screen lovers. Just as any celebrity out there, there are things that a huge chunk of your fans may like about you.

The look?

Despite the physical and the mental situation that you may be in, the fans expect nothing short of perfection from you.

This has forced many celebrities to go under the knife.

Going by the views of many people, Diane Keaton seems to have taken this route in order to maintain her looks.

Though she tries as much as possible to be discreet about her going through the plastic surgery, there is a piece of evidence that reveals the possibility of her going through the knife.

Many people were wondering how Keaton has maintained her perfect face yet she is advanced in age. This led to the growing speculations that the power of the knife was responsible for such. Bearing the fact that she was born in 1946, a number of experience plastic surgery experts and dermatologists believe that there is no way she can still have a flawless face. They believe that she might have gone through a facelift.

The recent photos showing the changes in her appearance might be the reasons behind the speculations of Diane Keaton plastic surgery.

Diane Keaton plastic surgery before and after


There are strong speculations that Diane Keaton might have undergone facelift so as to change the appearance of her face. Many people claim that there is nothing in her face that shows she is a woman in her late 60s. she looks very young at her age.

Many would have expected her skin to be sagging and wrinkles should have developed. At her age, there should be signs of frown lines on her face. The reality is that there are no signs of such and the face is very smooth.

In comparison to her earlier photos, such changes are evidence of facelift or Botox injections.


There are strong speculations that Diane Keaton could have undergone eyelid surgery. This has been evidenced by the appearance of her eyes. Both of Keaton’s eyes are free the crows feet line making the eyes to still maintain a fresh look.

Plastic surgery experts believe that she underwent Blepharoplasty so as to get rid of the scratches around her eyelid.

Diane Keaton face change

Nose job

Taking a closer look at her nose, there is evidence that Keaton might have undergone Rhinoplasty.

Her nose appears to be narrower as compared to years back.

The bridge of her nose has been perfectly narrowed and it would take a trained set of eyes to discover this.

Diane Keaton Before and After

In response to the speculations of going through plastic surgery, Diane Keaton said that she has never considered going through the procedure.

She attributes her looks to her natural genes and nothing else.

However, in another interview, she defends herself saying that she can do what she wants with her body.