Jada Pinkett Smith after plastic surgeryIf you may not have known Jada Pinkett Smith from the good old TV days, you may also know her as the wife to renowned Hollywood star Will Smith and mother to Hollywood sensations Jaden Smith and Willow Smith.

She is also a singer, songwriter, and producer. However, recently this mother of two and a Hollywood powerhouse has been in the tabloids for other reasons other than her prowess both as an actress and as a pillar of a family.

This has been because of the Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic surgery rumors as she finally hit forty.

The best thing about Jada is the fact that in her age bracket, most women in Hollywood turn to plastic surgery to put at bay the effects of aging or to get rid of any symptoms that might have propped up as well.

As such while many may seem surprised that Jada finally got a facelift, what could be more surprising is how long she waited to finally turn to cosmetic surgery to keep her youth.

While it is very evident that this super mum got a facelift, the only question that is in the mouths of most people is which cosmetic procedure she actually went through.

has Jada Pinkett had a facelift plastic surgery

At forty, Jada’s facial skin has remained elastic, well-toned and also very even. However, there has been the characteristic plastic and artificial look that comes with the use of Botox injections which has resulted in the rumors that she could have resulted to the use of this chemical to keep her youthful looks.

There is no doubt that the only thing that has not changed on Jada’s face is her prominent cheeks. At least not in a negative way but they now appear fuller and firmer.

At forty, these are not things that are likely to be caused by the onset of menopause but as a result of a facelift with the help of cheek implants. This is evidenced by the fact that while the cheeks look fuller and seem to have more flesh, the skin around them is seemingly sagging.

jada pinkett smith before and after plastic surgery

Considering the staunch following that she has managed to gather over the years, not many people will agree that this 40-year-old lady has had a facelift. Most will be content with the notion that she has worked out and lots of hydration, fruits, and vegetables have done the trick but this is anything but the case. The true nature of her new, tighter and more seemingly glowing look lies in when she smiles.

Jada Pinkett Smith before and after plastic surgery pictures

To start with, her smile now looks more plastic and artificial being evidence that the surgeon she used had not harnessed his skill well enough and also the fact that when she smiles her lower skin and particularly that around the chin area looks very stretched is another sign that a facelift is an actual reason for her younger looks even at forty.

[youtube v=”ba9y4c3jIn4″]

It is important to note however that neither Jada nor her husband Will Smith has commented on the Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery and as such it remains a rumor.

However, it is a very evident rumor and one that has some very strong roots and evidence and their response would only serve to be the convincing factor. All in all, Jada does look great at forty.

Jada Pinkett Smith looking great at 42Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith