While the fountain of youth might have been a myth, the field of medicine and cosmetology have come together and given the world the next best thing, plastic surgery. Loved and hated in equal measure, plastic surgery effects are undoubtedly remarkable and if done well can enhance beauty and hide flaws impeccably. Hollywood stars have turned to this procedure to hide the effects of age on their bodies or change something they do not like about themselves. It is hard to tell the difference, and questions have been raised, for example about Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job surgery. But for now they still remain unanswered.

The 51 year old graced our screens from a tender age of 11 and became a house hold name in 1998 all the way to 2004 for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the famous TV show sex and the city, which won her many awards and got her nominated for even more. She has aged like wine and doesn’t look a day over 30. She says she owes this to watching what she eats and a goodnight sleep, but tabloids say different. In before and after pictures of  Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job show something more than just effects of restful slumber.


Her skin is tighter and flawless just as it was ten years ago, I don’t know about you but i don’t believe those eight hours of sleep are responsible for this, anyone with me? She has however stuck to her guns when questioned about having Botox procedures done and says she likes what she looks like and wouldn’t want to change anything about herself.

The now mother of two girls and one boy also has the title producer under her belt and has bagged an outstanding comedy series award under this hat. The silver screen had missed the Hocus Pocus actor as she took time to concentrate on some of her talents but she has recently re surfaced on HBO with a hit series called Divorce. The role must have had been hard to get into though seeing as the star has been happily married to Matthew Broderick for 20 years, which is a big deal in Hollywood.

Many have speculated about how she has kept her marriage strong for that long and after what was rumored to be breast implants it may be because she likes to keep things interesting maybe, don’t you think? The star’s bosom is significantly bigger, firmer and rounder but in typical Hollywood fashion when asked about it she has denied any breast enhancement procedure being done on her. Everyone thinks she looks better and no one is sure why she is so defensive about it.

While tight skin and a firmer bosom may easily pass of as taking better care of yourself, does a different looking nose also fall into this category? Well before and after photos of the “covet” and “lovely” perfume franchise owner clearly show something different about her nose. Her nose bridge is slimmer and she looks absolutely fantastic as it brings out her eyes and whoever did the nose job procedure was clearly good at what they do don’t you think? Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job gossip remains just a gossip. Or not?

Sarah Jessica Parker Nose Job Before and After Photos