Park Bom plastic surgeryPark Bom is not your average lead singer. Born in South Korea, and having a United States education, Park is one of the most celebrated Asian artists.

However, her musical prowess pales her plastic surgery infamy. Well, most people argue that clients who seek after plastic surgery are asymptomatic to psychological issues; Park disputes this in principle and action.

One would be fooled to believe that indeed a celebrity uncomfortable in her own self could, in reality, be psychology major from Lesley University.

Often a subject of tabloids in her native country and adopted home alike, 2NE1 singer stirs controversy in her looks as well as her personal life. Allegations of drug abuse, smuggling of amphetamines into South Korea are rife as early as 2010.

But of all the stories that grace our gossip columns, her plastic surgery exploits are perhaps a juicy story that remains a grapevine fodder year in year out, given her multiple procedures. Be it the asymmetrical nose from a nose job gone bad or debate whether she has parallel, tapered creased eyelids or both continue to faze the public. One fact that comes out clearly, however, is that pictures don’t lie and are worth a thousand words.


The most trending search in Korea digital platforms is evidently Park Bom chin implants gone badly. Apparently, the desire to have a pointed chin pushed the singer into a procedure that marked the talking point of her surgeries.

Her before and after pictures show an asymmetrically pointed chin compared to her naturally flat one.

Park Bom plastic surgery disaster

One would believe that once bitten twice shy, but no, Park has shown valor especially when it comes to beauty. Subsequent botox injections stiffened her skin and were seen as unnatural as opposed to her previous radiant natural beauty.

When interviewed after these multiple surgeries Park gave one of the most absurd answers, apparently, the surgeries were as a result of lymph complications that dictated multiple procedures under the knife.

What stands out in these surgeries that Park went through is her deliberate effort to change her eyes with every knife session. From accentuating the creases of her eyelids, making them parallel and tapered shows her deliberate need to have one of the kind eyes.

Her first surgery involved a double eyelid with a crease. This could only be seen by a keen observer. It is rumored that in virtually all her surgeries she made sure her eyes were attended to.

Park Bom before and after plastic surgery

Speculation is rife also on her first sudden weight loss being linked to liposuction allegations. While she naturally has that small frame one cannot discount the possibility of a procedure given her track record of heaps of procedures.

Her boobs are equally subject to breast implants and breast augmentation talks. Whether she got a boob job or not is almost conclusively agreed that she indeed had one given their appearance as evident in her before and after photos.

Park Bom before and after breast implants plastic surgery

All in all the pressure to always look glamorous always push artists and celebrities like Park into unwarranted procedures.

Whether she is better looking than before depends on the looker but, the question that often lingers is the pressure to look beautiful to blame?

 Park Bom plastic surgery gone wrong