Janice Dickinson Plastic SurgeryAmerican celebrities can do anything to retain their looks. This statement is clear considering the increased number of celebrities who have opted to go for plastic surgery to look more attractive or counter the signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles on their faces.

Most celebrities attribute decisions to go for plastic surgery to the pressure that comes with being in Hollywood entertainment.

In addition, no one would love to watch a movie or music when the actors and actresses are looking unattractive. Unfortunately, not all people who go under the surgeon’s knife attain their desired looks and Janice Dickinson is a good example. The former supermodel cum reality television star has been the talk of every media house because of her new looks.

Despite making an effort to look younger than her actual age, the 60 years old celebrity ended up with horrible results.

Janice Dickinson Possible Surgical Procedures

Facelift – Janice Dickinson is not the first celebrity to go for a facelift. However, the outcome of a facelift was not favorable on her part. Unlike other celebrities who have achieved bright and youthful looking faces after going through this treatment, Janice’s face appears more plastic.

When you look at her during interviews, you can clearly see that her face is tight especially when she makes an attempt to smile.

This has made her lose the charming smile that everyone knew about her.

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery before after facelift

Breast augmentation – Janice Dickinson is alleged to have undergone breast augmentation to make her boobs extra-large.

The former model has not had breast implants once but severally. Unfortunately, they do not look that attractive when you compared her pictures before and after surgery.

The ugly look of her boobs is likely to have been a result of the poor surgical operation.

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery before after boobs

What Do People Say About Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery?

Her fans, surgeons and critics agree that Janice Dickinson is not looking beautiful. Most of them allege that plastic surgery has left her with a lifeless face and ugly looking breasts.

What does Janice Dickinson say about the gossip? Janice is among few celebrities have admitted plastic surgery rumors. However, she has been so keen to share about the surgical procedures that led to the change in her looks. In addition, Janice Dickinson alleges to be very comfortable with her new appearance. She also added that she was not going to force her husband to under the surgeon knife in order to retain his youthful looks as most celebrities all over the world are doing.

What remains unclear is whether Janice Dickinson has plans of going back to the surgeon considering the fact that she is not known in this field.

In conclusion, Janice Dickinson is among those celebrities whose plastic surgery failed. The former model looks more plastic than she used to be. Surgeons have claimed that she is likely to have gone for a facelift or breast augmentation.

These procedures left her with a different look than the one she had some time back.

Although we have many people have managed to counter aging signs using plastic surgery, Janice Dickinson was not lucky.

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos