Vanessa MarcilVanessa Marcil whose real name is Sally Vanessa Ortiz is a household name in America. The actress is acknowledged for holding roles in films and television credits like Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and General Hospital.

The actress has had her share of stardom in numerous major films and has numerous nominations and awards to her name. She has also been a subject to public scrutiny with a lot of rumors and media speculations going round on Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery.

She has been under a lot of fire from fans and critics with many claiming that she has undergone many cosmetic procedures to enhance and maintain her good looks.

True to say, the 46-year-old actress doesn’t seem 46 at all. She is too beautiful and attractive to be true and more so for her age and body. Claims have been making rounds that the actress has undergone rhinoplasty or a nose job as many would prefer to call it.

She has also used filler injections and Botox injections and has had a boob job done on her as well.

This is why her face looks so much younger, wrinkle-free and smooth. She has no signs of aging and the fine lines that one grows with age aren’t just reduced, they aren’t even present. She is so young, she looks much better as compared to before and this is quite evident in her before and after photos.

Vanessa Marcil has come out to speak against these rumors by making confessions of her own that she has never undergone any form of plastic surgery or augmentation whatsoever.

It is quite hard to believe since not many women nearing 50 years of age can manage to pull off such a stunt. The shape of her nose indicates some form of firmness and change that wasn’t there previously. Her breasts seem bigger and one can swear they were augmented. Regardless she is now prettier and more charming and it is only good to give credit where it is due.

If at all she did get a facelift or breast augmentation as many gossips and reviews are claiming then she happens to be quite lucky.

Vanessa Marcil Before And After Plastic Surgery Boob Job

She came out looking dazzling and much better than she ever has. Many celebrities have tried the same route and they came out looking totally awful and disfigured unlike how they went into the surgery room.

Her surgeon must be really good and the attempt was without a doubt successful. She looks so youthful and breathtaking. Whatever regimen she is really working well for her. That’s if she hasn’t had to undergo the knife as she strongly denies. She has come out strongly in her own defense.

All the same, Vanessa Marcil happens to be one of the few celebrities who’ve been lucky enough to maintain their looks for so long. She is aging gracefully and whether the speculations on Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery are true or not, only she knows that and her surgeon too.

The actress remains sexy, vivacious and sparkly despite age kicking in.